CCI: Storm Front: DC/Wildstorm gives a glimpse into the future

Jim Lee arrived to the Wildstorm panel with milk and water for all in attendance. Few took the offer of water. The presentation featured upcoming licensed products, the Wildstorm Universe's next event and a brief word about the line's upcoming project with the television show, "Heroes."

The online material from last season will be collected into a large hardcover later in the year, featuring covers by Jim Lee and Alex Ross.

The Armageddon specials from Christos Gage, with covers by Mike McKone, arrive in October. Editor Ben Abernathy explained old "WildC.A.T.S" character Wade returns and takes featured characters from the line's books to a post-Apocalyptic future they must prevent. While the premise is familiar, Gage explained, this being Wildstorm, there are no guarantees the group will be successful in preventing the future. Says Gage, "there are no such assurances." He also said the books will ship bi-weekly. So strong is his belief they will arrive on time, he offered editor Ben Abernathy's head for shaving if they fail.

Following the Armageddon specials, "Wildstorm: Revelations" will arrive; featuring Nemesis from "WildC.A.T.S," Savant, and the new Backlash as they attempt to prevent Armageddon. Gage will also be writing. It will also be a bi-weekly series. Other heads will be shorn if they fail.

On "Gen 13," writer Gail Simone will leave the book with its thirteenth issue. Simone Oliver of Vertigo's "Exterminators" will come on for a five-issue arc. After that, the team hopes Simone will return.

"Trick R Treat" a comic based on the forthcoming film written and directed by Superman Returns scribe Michael Dougherty. He also provides a cover. Adaptation is by Mark Andreyko.

A six-issue prequel to the television series "Supernatural" called, appropriately enough, "Supernatural: Origins" and details the adventures of the TV series main characters' father as he learns to be a monster hunter and part-time father.

Chris Gage provides a new Nightmare on Elm Street tale for the forthcoming "Tales of Horror." In this story, an imposter comes to town in a tattered sweater and Freddy Krueger is none too happy.

Gage jokes, "Everyone has tea and chats."

Bob Wayne, who moderated the panel, showed the audience a slide of the cover for "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: the Black Dossier."

After the applause died down, he simply said "It's coming out this year."

During the questions portion, the panel was asked how they felt about Wildstorm's position in the fifty-two universes of DC comics, Jim Lee simply said, "It's great." They were actually quite pleased how the Bleed concept has been integrated into their parent company's Multiverse.

They were also asked how they feel about the wide acceptance of fantasy and science fiction element in film and television. Gage said it was great those concepts are no longer "ghettoized."

Editor Brandon Petersen commented on how modern series like "Lost" and "Heroes" utilize story structures and other writing conventions of comic book readers have been used to for decades. Gage added with kids today, teachers are no longer worried about them reading comics instead of "proper literature."

Now, he jokes, they say, "Put down the gun and read this comic!"

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