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CCI: SLG Publishing

by  in Comic News Comment
CCI: SLG Publishing

Dan Vado hosted solo a very laid-back panel at San Diego’s Comic Con International, featuring video trailers of upcoming SLG Publishing books.

The first trailer shown was of for new comic book, “Winchester,” whose first issue by Dan Vado will debut in October. Sarah Winchester, heir to the famous Winchester guns fortune, was well known in her time as an eccentric women obsessed with the occult; so much so that she designed her famous mansion with the sole purpose of trying to contact the dead. Vado shared that the real-life mansion was the inspiration behind Disney’s “Haunted Mansion,” a licensed property SLG had previously published. The new series will be a mix of history and horror, with Sarah Winchester being portrayed in a saner light as her occult obsession is explained as having a purpose beyond the crazy assumptions that have come before.

Winchester #1 trailer from SLG Publishing on Vimeo.

Vado actually has some history with the famous, real-life house, having grown up around the corner from it in San Jose, California. When he was 16, Vado was hired to work there, but was fired after only a day for jokingly telling a gullible tourist that the sprinklers in the ceiling were actually handles put in place for Sarah Winchester to climb across so her feet wouldn’t touch and dirty her floor. Needless to say, the owners of the house did not find it very humorous.

The next trailer was for “Captain Blood,” a five-issue adaptation of the famous novel, which saw its first issue in June 2009. The black-and-white comic will be done in a “scratchy” style that encapsulates the time period it takes place in. The tagline for the series explains it all, “By profession a doctor. By experience a soldier. By misfortune a slave.”

“Zeke Deadwood” by Ryan Rubio was next on the screen. A combination of two different genres, the new series features a zombie cowboy righting wrongs in the Wild West. Dan Vado added, “What could possibly be more fun than a corpse on a horse!?!”

The classic Disney animated series by Greg Weisman, “The Gargoyles,” was next highlighted as both it and “Bad Guys” will be wrapping up this August in graphic novels. Each book has issues left unpublished because SLG’s Disney license ran out before they were finished, so Vado bought the license once more just so SLG’s creative teams could get the full stories out to the fans. “The Gargoyles Clan Building” Vol 1 will feature the first six issues, while “The Gargoyles Clan Building” Vol 2 will feature issues seven through twelve, the last four of which having never yet been published.

“The Bad Guys” Vol 1 will feature all six issues of the SLG series. Eventually, Vado would like to produce an ultimate collection that would include all 18 issues of “Gargoyles” in an oversized slipcase. He’d love to have the book itself look and feel like stone as a tribute to the nocturnal winged heroes.

The next trailer shown was for “Pinnochio the Vampire Slayer” by Dylan Higgins, a black-and-white action/horror comic book starring a character whose slogan is “I’m Pinnochio, I kill vampires.” In this twist on the classic story, Gepetto is killed before Pinnochio can become a real boy, and thus the he instead begins a journey of revenge against all vampires. His weapon of choice is his ever-growing nose, which he breaks off to utilize as a stake to kill vampires. Vado said the buzz for the book is greater than anything he has published before, and he is truly excited for it.

The last trailer shown to fans was for “Weird Fishes” by Jamaica Dyer. The story features very surreal art and stars a weird girl trying to make her way in a weird world. Some art was originally published online, and in color, but the new print publication will be in black and white for economical reasons. Vado actually finds the art to look even better without color, and his 21-year-old non-comic sfan son enjoyed the first issue and plans to collect the series.

A movie adaptation of the SLG comic book “Emo Boy” is currently in production, with the script written by the series creator Steve Emond and directed by Kyle Newman (“Fanboys”).

Lastly, Vado invited everyone to come to the SLG offices in San Jose on the first Friday of every month, at 8pm, for live music and a gallery viewing.

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