CCI: Skybound Welcomes Schulner & Ryp's "Clone"

This November, Robert Kirkman's Skybound adds a new series to its lineup with "Clone," written by "The Event" executive producer David Schulner with art by Juan Jose Ryp and colors by Felix Serrano. The series follows a man who wakes up, realizing multiple copies of himself have begun interfering with his life, including kidnapping his wife. IGN posted information on the series including a teaser image and words from both Skybound founder Robert Kirkman and series writer Schulner.

"One of the best things about working in both television and comics is that I'm able to take the best of both formats to combine them in order to try something new and exciting," Kirkman said via press release. "Like how I took the writer's room approach from television and brought it to comics with 'Thief of Thieves.' Now I'm also able to bring amazing writing talent like David Schulner ('The Event,' 'Do No Harm') from TV into the world of comics. With the introduction of 'Clone' as a comic, It's been a real blast to take someone like Schulner and pair him with such an accomplished artist like Juan Jose Ryp. What they've been able to do together on 'Clone' is quite remarkable and I feel, makes for a really amazing read that comic fans will really enjoy."

"Comics run in my family," said Schulner, whose grandfather was EC Comics illustrator Jack Kamen. "The energy that artist Juan Jose Ryp brings to the pages reminds me of why I love this medium to begin with. Robert and the folks at Skybound have really ushered an amazing new line of series and I'm honored that Clone is among them."

Stay tuned for more details about Skybound during the Skybound panel at Comic-Con International 2012 on Saturday, July 14.

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