CCI: Silent Hill: Revelation Director Reveals Footage, Plot Influences

A packed Hall H at Comic-Con International was treated to two exclusive new clips from the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Director Michael J. Bassett and star Adelaide Clemens (Heather Mason) presided over the panel as audience members squirmed during the scenes, which included a glimpse at some menacing, otherworldly nurses, as well as hyper-creepy mannequins that showcase, as Bassett explained, “This confluence of human body parts and a crap and a spider.”

“Those are PG-13 clips because we couldn’t find any R-rated clips to show you,” the director said. Further divulging the type of film fans should expect, he said, “It’s a really hard R with some terrifying stuff in it. The front end of that nurses scene would really fuck you up.”

Bassett also clarified how Revelation fits in with both the franchise’s film and video game counterparts. “This is a sequel to that movie,” he said, referring to 2006’s Silent Hill. “It’s an adaptation of that game,” he said, pointing to the third game. “And if none of you have ever seen Silent Hill, it works as its own movie. It takes the story of Sharon Da Silva, and turns her into Heather Mason for reasons that you'll understand when you see the movie."

Game of Thrones fans will be pleased to know that the film features performances by two of the stars of the HBO series – Kit Harington (as Vincent Carter) and Sean Bean (Harry Mason/Christopher Da Silva).

“He wasn’t Jon Snow when I cast him, so he’s grown into something special,” Bassett said of Haringon. When a fan mentioned that Bean’s characters tend to meet untimely deaths and wondered whether he’d survive Revelation, Bassett said, " Yes and no is the answer, and you’re going to have to see the movie to understand why that is a completely true answer.”

Bassett teased Clemens a bit, revealing that before each take she’d scream to get herself into the proper emotional state. He then asked her to give the audience a replay, and they cheered in agreement. She stood, laughing, and Bassett said, “Okay, action on Adelaide!” – after which she let out a long, piercing scream to raucous applause.

Clemens admitted she had some coaxing from her family when it came to accepting the role of Heather Mason. “My younger brother Felix is 14, and he’s like, ‘It’s the scariest thing there is!’” She said her brothers introduced her to the video games and they all played together.

Of whether the plot follows the sequence of the games, Bassett said, “We deal with the order a little bit in this movie, but there are some ideas from the other games – there are a couple characters from other games who do step into our world.” He divulged that the film principally uses material from games one and three, because, “Two I think deserves a movie all on its own.” Perhaps fodder for the next big-screen adaptation?

The on-set experience was an immersive one for Clemens, who said, “I didn’t have to use my imagination too much, because I was very fortunate that Michael insisted that we have the practical monsters on set – so I basically lived the game that these guys were making.” “I just had to show up,” she continued. “To react and be petrified … and just try to sleep.”

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D opens Oct. 26.

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