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CCI: Saturday Photo Parade

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CCI: Saturday Photo Parade

It’s the biggest photo parade from Comic-Con International as we present photos from Saturday at the show — lots of stuff below from Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb who captures numerous panels, comic creators, celebrities and much more, as CBR’s Jonah Weiland spend’s time mocking as many people as he has the energy for (hey, we’re all still in post-con recovery). Sunday photos and more soon!

Jeph Loeb stands at the dais for the “Heroes” panel. Zachary Quinto
James Kyson Lee Tim Sale
Hayden Panettiere More with Quinto
Tim Kring James Kyson Lee and Christine Rose
Greg Grunberg Greg Grunberg and Jack Coleman
Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindeloff The President of the Dharma Initiative speaks!
He keeps talking and … … apparently has hynotized the Hall H audience!
More from the “Lost” Panel. Promotional twits for the movie “Quarantine.”
Richard T Jones (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) Thomas Dekker & Summer Glau (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”)
Garret Dillahunt (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) Shirley Manson (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”)
Thomas Dekker & Summer Glau (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) Brian Austin Green (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”)
Josh Friedman (Creator/Show runner “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) Grant Morrison
Gerard Way Pimpa-Fett
“So, I was, like, telling my friend, wouldn’t it be cool if there was, like, a life sized version of my back pack and, like, here you are, all like my back pack exactly! You know what I mean? I mean, like, here you are and here’s my back pack and it’s, like, wow, you’re in the same place and everything! Hello? Don’t walk away from me!” The DC Animated Movies panel.
Bruce Timm Nathan Fillion
Bruce Timm Marvel editor Nick Lowe apparently fed up with the world …
… so clearly a cocktail is in order.
Bill Willingham Steve Leialoha
Chris Roberson Mark Buckingham
Matthew Sturges This is apparently some “Fables” fan that won some contest whereby if they attended the panel last year and got no free swag, they were told to make shirts for this years panel claiming they got screwed out of swag from last year. This is one of those t-shirts…
… and here is a close-up of a second. James Jean
Skrull! Skrull! Wait, no, it’s Nick Lowe again.
Chris Yost Christos N. Gage
Brian Reed Fred Van Lente
Greg Pak Joe Pokaski
C.B. Cebulski Jason Aaron
Daniel Way Peter David
The Secret Invason Panel. Quesada, “I once caught a fish this big.”
Peter David attempts to reel in Quesada’s fish. “Yeah, so I’m wearing blue face make-up, I have blue hair, I’ve got blue fur on. Are you sure you wanna make fun of me, Weiland? Do you know what I’m packing under all this fur?” Sir, I will leave you be and move on. NEXT VICTIM!
Spidey Baby! J. Michael Straczynski
Jesse Alexander (“Heroes”) “Life on Mars” Jason O’Mara (Sam Tyler)
“Life on Mars'” Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum (Writer/Exec. Producer) A “Kingdom of Loathing” diarama.
Bob The Angry Flower Lady Joker
I see this guy every year at Comic-Con and still have no idea what he is. Richard Stevens (“Diesel Sweeties”)
Lovely. Lovely.
Lov…wait a second. Ehh, yer OK. Jaime Mendoza (“Ultimate X-Men,” “Ultimate Fantastic Four”)
This guy is at con every year and also hangs out outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. You need to check out this costume — dude got “nailed” in the crotch. There is one good costume in this mix. I’ll let you guess which one it is. Yup, you got it right.
Uhhhh…. Okayyyy. A somewhat obscure reference today, but an excellent choice.
Roger Klorese Wendy Pini
Pretty good Popeye costume here. Marvel’s Jim McCann and Jeph Loeb
McCann holding a much coveted Stark Industries Flash Drive. Frank Cho
Damon Lindelof hands off the finished script to Joe Quesada for “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.” Yes, folks, it’s actually going to finish! The full Ultimates Panel line-up.
Quesada reading the Wolvie/Hulk script — it appears he likes what he reads! Aron Coleite, Joe Pokaski, Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho
OK, I admit it, I actually like this Darth Silver Dark Side of the Force with Blaster Stormtrooper. So, apparently there was some Alternate Reality Game for “Fringe” outside the walls of Comic-Con. They had set-ups all over the place, with beverages and empty cages that made monkey noises, but I think this coral of cattle pretty much says it all.
“Grrrrr.” Pinguino took some time out of her busy Saturday night to drop by the Masquerade for a while and got some choice photos.
I’m going to behave. I’m going to behave. Bunny Photographer at Large
I’m going to behave. I’m going to behave. “OK, life your arms, good, good, now put your head in here, right, OK …”
“… annnnnnd, ‘Roar!'” Talk about anti-climactic. “So, are you going to any parties later?” “Maybe. I figured I’d cozy up to the cute fairy girls and see what they were up to.” “Ohh, yes, the looked quite scrumptious.” “No, no, they’re not for eating.” “But I haven’t eaten all day! The convention center food sucks!” “Deal, dude.”
There’s nothing quite like the love between the Queen of Hearts and her cane. See, I think the Masquerade would be even better if contestants were forced to square off against one another. Like these guys …
… versus these guys would be a lot of fun. Sure, the odds aren’t even, but I think the first group could whip this second group’s ass! Love it.
“Halo,” right? Being King doesn’t suck.
Ehhhhhh. Robot Chicken
Now this is excellent. Great costumes, reenacting a scene — well done. Poor Kermie is ashamed at what he sees at this year’s Masquerade.

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