CCI: Sam Worthington Signs On For <i>Dan Dare</i>


Avatar and Clash of the Titans star Sam Worthington has officially signed on to play space-faring pilot Dan Dare in Warner Bros.' adaptation of the classic British sci-fi comic.

Created by illustrator Frank Hampson, Dan Dare debuted in The Eagle in 1950, and chronicled the adventures of the chief pilot for the Interplanet Space Fleet in the far-flung future of the 1990s.

Dan Dare's initial run ended in 1969, but the characters was revived several times in subsequent decades, most notably in 2000AD in the late 1970s, in a new version of The Eagle in the '80s, the Grant Morrison-Rian Hughes Revolver serial in 1990, and, much more recently, in the Virgin Comics miniseries by Garth Ennis and Gary Erskine. A 22-episode animated series Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future debuted in 2002.

Basil Iwanyk (Clash of the Titans) will produce the new adaptation through his Thunder Road banner.

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