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It was a star-studded panel for Radical Comics with fans clapping enthusiastically as moderator Harry Knowles introduced each and every one of the many the panelists to the attendees of Comic-Con International 2010 in San Diego: Jimmy Palmiotti ("Jonah Hex"), co-creator and co-writer of the upcoming Radical series "Time Bomb;" Rick Remender ("Fear Agent"), creator and writer of the soon to be completed "The Last Days of American Crime;" Arvid Nelson ("Rex Mundi"), writer of the upcoming series "Oblivion;" Matthew Cirulnick, creator and co-writer of "Earp: Saints and Sinners;" Keith Arem, video game director and co-creator of the upcoming book "Exile;" Michael Schwarz, co-creator with actor Sam Worthington of the upcoming comic book scripted by David Lapham "Damaged;" and Editor in Chief of Radical Publishing David Wohl.

Rick Remender started things off by discussing the premise of his current comic, "The Last Days of American Crime," where a future America is about to institute a national neural inhibitor that will prevent people from committing any action that would be considered a crime. Each issue is 50 pages, and the third issue will be out in August. It was revealed "Last Days of American Crime" is soon to be made into a film, with actor Sam Worthington in the lead roll of Kevin Cash. They are still trying to work out the logistics of bringing the story to film, but it is on its way.

Some of the writers and artists planned for the panel were unable to make it, so David Wohl took a moment to discuss "Ryders on the Storm." He described it as a Lovecraftian Noir story, where a private eye who thought he was investigating a series of murders, discovers a larger mystery of demons secretly living amongst humanity. Harry Knowles added, "The comic book would be perfect for a Guillermo del Toro film adaptation."

Michael Schwarz shared details on his creation, "Damaged." The story follows two estranged brothers, one a cop and the other a vigilante, who reunite after 35 years apart. Each brother is training their successor/replacement, which soon leads them both to re-evaluate their lives and the hard choices they have had to make. No interior artist is locked in, but the script by David Lapham is finished and the book should be out in the Spring of next year.

Schwarz quickly mentioned a top-secret comic project he is working on with actor Sam Worthington entitled "Patriots." All he could reveal was the global moral dilemma that sets the tone of the story, "There are seven continents on planet Earth, would you be willing to sacrifice one to save the other six?"

Jimmy Palmiotti shared thoughts on his new comic from Radical, co-written by frequent collaborator Justin Gray, "Time Bomb." The story features Nazis and time travel, as a small group of adventurers travel back in time to the final days of World War II to prevent a Nazi doomsday weapon, destined to destroy the modern day world, from being completed. The first issue of three is out now.

"Oblivion," from writer Arvid Nelson and "Tron: Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski, tells the story of a alien dominated planet, where human survivors living in sky towers floating in the atmosphere create and repair robotic drones to fight off the alien dominators. The comic will potentially be a big budget Sci-Fi movie with Joseph Kosinski at the helm.

Matthew Cirulnick discussed the impetus for his new book, "Earp: Saints for Sinners," as him wanting to take classic Western characters and tropes, and place them in a modern setting. Instead of horses, characters ride motorcycles, instead of a mining Boom Town, they live in Las Vegas, instead of a revolver, they use Uzis, etc. The story will star Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. The first issue will be 72 pages, and will be out in January. Director Sam Raimi has signed on to bring Earp to the big screen.

David Wohl once again took the microphone to discuss Nick Percival's "Legends of the Enchanted." Described simply as a fairy tales in a steam punk setting. The cover features a shadowy Red Riding Hood with long curved knives. In this world, she hunts the Big Bad Wolf.

Keith Arem discussed his new series "Exile," a sci-fi noir story that takes place five years in the future. The main character is investigating a series of odd and gruesome murders when he stumbles upon a larger mystery of Earth having mysteriously been turned into an alien penal colony. The story will be told in a series of three graphic novels, the first of which will be out January 11, 2011. And there are plans for a motion comic in the future.

The last bit of news revealed by the panel was a planned series of toys based on popular Radical Publishing properties, the first being a limited edition bronze statue of Hercules that stands just under two feet tall, and will be available soon.

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