CCI: Radical Concepts

The Radical Comics team was getting the word out about their new company by previewing upcoming comics and books in a slideshow program.

The team got started with everyone praising each other for their contributions as each member of the team is important to the fledgling company's current path to success.

Each slide showed highly detailed art, digitally painted in most cases, with many of the projects being vehicles for future films. Radical Publishing is actually three separate departments of film, comics, and art books (oversized, coffee table format). The main idea behind the publishing company is that they'll take iconic figures or concepts and turning them on their head in new, creative ways. Almost all the titles were explained by making comparisons to classic stories.

The first slide was of "Nick Percival's Legend," a series starring Red Riding Hood as monster hunter. Joined by Jack the Giant Killer, Hansel and Gretel, and her daughter Verity, the main thrust of the story is about the love between a mother and daughter.

The next was "Hercules." A version designed by Jim Steranko, this Hercules is a Conan-style hero with a large assortment of archaic weapons. His godly strength waning after completing his 12 legendary trials, the hero surrounds himself with mercenaries and weapons as he makes his way to discover the truth behind recent events.

"Aladdin" was up next, a tongue-in-cheek depiction that will be far from Disney's animated movie (there will be no flying carpet). It was mentioned the character will be caught in the middle of a new land as he finds himself in Northeast Africa with his close friend Sinbad (Han Solo to Aladdin's Luke).

"Caliber" slid by next, with the team saying it's a Johnny Depp project possibly in the works for an upcoming movie. Described as an 'Arthurian Western,' the series will be five issues with a #0 starting things off in May or June. The title is the main character's legendary weapon, but instead of Excaliber the sword, it's Caliber the gun.

"Feast of Fools" was quickly described as '30 Days of Night' in prison as a bloody set of teeth seen in the shadows of a jail cell.

"Amano: The Winds of Silence" will be the first 'coffee table book' coming out with more than 300 paintings and minimal text. Although more of an art book, it is described as a supernatural love story.

"Medieval" by John Bolton will be like the "Wild Bunch" in the 11th century. A shipwrecked group of Vikings on the shores of Southern Spain, they soon end up protecting a small village from the forces of corruption, realizing it's worth dying for a noble cause.

There was a project called "Solitude" by Vincent Perez. Vincent was the second actor to play "The Crow" after Brandon Lee's death and is currently a film director in France.

"Ryder on the Storm" an upcoming project by Steve Niles was described as a supernatural "Chinatown."

"Orphan," with art by Bill Sienkiewicz, is about a mother and daughter assassination team. Their superiors think the daughter could be the greatest assassin of all time, while the daughter wants nothing to do with killing and thus flees at the start of the story. The mother is then given 24 hours to retrieve her errant child before the order is given to kill.

"Legends" and "Hercules" will be the first books out as the company will then release the other works upon completion. There are no deadlines at the new company as they feel a deadline will only rush the work, and limit the quality.

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