CCI: Preview Night Photo Parade

While Comic-Con International 2008 is a wrap, there's still plenty of unpacking and reporting left to do. In total, CBR will publish more than 200 articles generated during Comic-Con -- the most coverage we've ever done of the show with more comics coverage than ever! We're all exhausted and in post-con recovery, but we're crawling our way back to life and have plenty more to share form the show in the coming days.

Including, the CBR patented Photo Parades! CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb was everywhere during Comic-Con and today we present the first of a series of Photo Parades. This one's a bit abbreviated as it's from Preview Night - it's only appropriate that an abbreviated day would result in an abbreviated Photo Parade!

For all the news from the show, don't miss our complete and growing CCI news index.

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