CCI: Palo Conjures up some artistic "Voodoo"

This October in Marvel Comics' "Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural" #1, the title character, Jericho Drumm, officially assumes his duties as the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth's Dimension. It's already been revealed that writer Rick Remender will chronicle Drumm's adventures as the Sorcerer Supreme, but readers have been wondering which artist will bring to life Remender's scripts for the series? That question was answered yesterday at Marvel Comics' Mondo Marvel panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego where it was revealed that Jefte Palo ("Black Panther", "Moon Knight") would be the regular artist on the new series. CBR News spoke with Palo about the project and his plans for the series.

It was the proposal for "Doctor Voodoo" that initially piqued Palo's interest in the series. "I love the fantastic view of the universes that were shown in the pitch," the artist told CBR News. "'Doctor Voodoo' is supported by a wide range of magic and fantastic elements, and gives me an opportunity to use my imagination and creativity; it's a great opportunity to show dreams and nightmares."

Palo finds Jericho Drumm to be a very unique character and plans on giving the character enough space to really develop in the pages of "Doctor Voodoo." He also is taking care to make sure the artistic style he chooses for the book suits its protagonist and the atmosphere of the series. "I hope to find the appropriate way to show and draw the character, maybe in the same style of my other works like 'Moon Knight' or 'Black Panther'," Palo explained. "But always leaving room for new possibilities."

Palo feels very fortunate to be collaborating with Rick Remender on "Doctor Voodoo." "His work is astonishing and intense and has the capacity that you feel inside of the story," the artist stated. "I´m really pleased to be working with him."

The supernatural milieu of "Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural" affords Palo the opportunity to create both wondrous and fearsome characters and environments, something which the artist finds both highly appealing and a little difficult. "I don´t have much experience with these types of supernatural stories, but that makes things interesting and gives me lots of room to improve," Palo said. "Anyway, every character, every script is an unique experience, and to tell the truth the book is becoming more appealing to me with each new page that I read, and it started from a high point."

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