CCI: Oni is Ten

To celebrate Oni Press' tenth anniversary, Editor in Chief James Lucas Jones hosted a quiz show in between showcases of their forthcoming work, with questions concerning Oni itself and pop culture from 1997.

New series in the next year include "Stumptown," a new series from Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth and Stefano Gaudino concerns itself with a private eye, but Rucka says it is not noir. Instead he likens it to "those good episodes of Rockford [Files]," the late 1970s television series about a good-hearted, down-on-his-luck P.I. in Los Angeles.

"The feel is influenced by Jim Garner," Rucka said. Stefano says the work goes "beyond the genre" and Jones calls the book Rucka's most personal. Rucka says the book will be on a schedule of eight issues a year, split into four-issue stories.

"You Have Killed Me," by Jaime S. Rich and Joelle Jones, is a hardboiled 1930s detective drama that forces a private eye back into the high society world he tried to escape. Jones is using ziptone without digital assistance.

"It's violent," Rich said. "It's romantic." It is due out early next year.

"Northworld" from Lars Brown will arrive in the second quarter of 2008. He characterized it as a slice of life with fantasy elements. Brown says it is "plain clothes fantasy." The story concerns a badass monster hunter assigned to tackle a demon that will be conjured at his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Two books are planned thus far.

Christos Gage writes "Lion of Rora" with wife Ruth Fletcher Gage and art by Dean Trippe. Set in the 1600s, it tells the story of the Waldensians and Josué Janavelin in particular. In regards to the action in the book, Gage says it is "something you expect to see in a comic, but you really haven't … and it really happened."

"Family Crogan" from Chris Schweizer is a historical fiction series of original graphic novels beginning with "Crogan's Vengeance" in Spring 2008. Each book will be self-contained as it jumps around the Crogan family tree.

"They will not be released chronologically," he said. The Crogans always have the inclination to do the right thing, but find themselves in situations that put them at odds with that right thing.

"Labor Days," a graphic novel series written by Phillip Gellatt with art by Rick Lacy, is about the mundane life of a London loser who enters life of espionage and revolution.

Slaughterhouse is a new imprint of imprint initiated by Karen Slaughter. She loves the format and began working with Oni on a project that led to the new line. Publisher Joe Nozemack says it will feature NYT best selling authors coming to comics for the first time. Each title will be complete original material.

"This will not be adaptations of other material. This won't be ghostwritten. This won't be short stories expanded," Nozemack said. "These will be new stories written by the for the graphic novel format."

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