CCI: One on One with Terry Moore

Writer/artist Terry Moore visited with fans at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday to talk about his new series "Echo" and upcoming work on "Runaways" and "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane".

"This year it's all about Echo," said Moore. "Unlike SIP ("Strangers in Paradise") this time I know where I'm going."

Moore then divulged to the audience some of the details of his creative process, which has been aided by his English major son who showed him how to outline his plots.

"It's a new way for me to tell stories... to be organized." At this point, Moore has an outline for 18 issues of "Echo" in order to tell his three act story.

Moore also talked about "Runaways," cominc from Marvel this September, and "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane", the second volume of which will debut in August.

"I'm spending too much time in Midtown High in Queens with Mary Jane and [Peter] Parker. I feel pretty comfortable hanging out with the Runaways, but I feel kinda creepy being a middle-aged guy hanging out with girls."

To help get into the mindset of the teenage high school girl, Moore looks to his niece for inspiration.

"I have a niece that looks just like Mary Jane and is about sixteen, so I always think about her and what she must be doing every day."

Moore also admitted to the crowd that he had a secret agenda when he originally agreed to take on the project.

"I've always been a big fan of Gwen Stacy, and I stopped reading Marvel comics when they killed Gwen Stacy," said Moore, who knew even at that young age where to put the blame for such a tragic event. "It was not the Green Goblin's fault, it was the writers who wrote it!"

"85,000 years later I get this chance to join the Spider-Man family. I'm thinking, what would it take to get Gwen back into the mainstream Marvel universe and get that book back on track? And I started thinking, you know, the Runaways have a time machine..."

All joking aside, Moore is happy to be working on "Runaways" for their own merits. He's especially enjoying his experience working alongside artist Humberto Ramos.

"It is the best looking comic I've ever seen. He's at the top of his game. I can't endorse him enough."

Moore also talked about his favorite characters in "Runaways" from a writing standpoint.

"My favorite character in Runaways is actually Molly. I've noticed that in my scripts she's really had her say. She's still twelve years old, but she has a very, very high IQ. She's smart; you won't beat her in chess, but she's still twelve."

"I also like Nico. I think if Nico is in the room, you have got to pay attention."

During the Q&A session, Moore discussed the possibility of a "Strangers in Paradise" omnibus and the logistical difficulties in producing one.

"The problem with the omnibus is that it's forty-five million pages long. I know it's going to involve a handle and wheels."

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