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Welcome to CBR's live coverage of Marvel Comics' Mondo Marvel panel at Comic-Con International 2008. Check back here every few minutes for more updates directly from the discussion in San Diego with panelists CB Cebulski, Greg Pak, Matt Fracton. Jeff Parker, Mat Broome, Kevin Grevioux, Warren Simons, Mark Paniccia, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker and Jim McCann.

Parker began the panel by announcing that "Ages of Atlas" will return as an ongoing series.

Grevioux and Broome will be coming out with a new title called "Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel." It's about a black superhero in the late '50s and early '60s, who is the most popular hero in the country -- but he wears a mask to hide his skin color. When he is revealed to the public as a black man, President Kennedy calls the Blue Marvel to the Oval Office and implores the hero to stand down so as to not disrupt the ongoing Civil Rights movement. Blue Marvel agrees and forty years later his greatest villain returns, and Blue Marvel is the only one who can stop him. The miniseries begins in November and runs six issues.

Grek Pak will write "War Machine," a new ongoing series illustrated by Leonardo Manco. The title will replace the outgoing "Iron Man: Agent of SHIELD." "You will soon see the humanity of Jim Rhodes and War Machine. The book will be HARD. CORE. Around the world, tyrants and madmen are committing the worst atrocities imaginable. Jim Rhodes is going to take on the responsibility of taking them on upon his giant rocket-equipped shoulders." The book begins in December.

Garth Ennis return to the Punisher with the weekly "Punisher- War Zone" miniseries. It's six issues and begins in December. It takes place in Ennis & Dillon's Marvel Knights run on "Punisher."

David Mack will adapt Philip K. Dick's "Electric Ant" for Marvel, with Paul Pope providing cover artwork.

McCann then turned the panel over to the audience for question.

Will the Hulk meet his son, Skarr? What persona of the Hulk? Will Pak be back on the Hulk? Pak: "All will be revealed in time. It's an excellent bet that eventually these two green goliaths will come face to face. Maybe they'll go to a ball game. Maybe smashing will ensue. Skarr has a very epic journey ahead of him on his planet. We're going to take our time to do that story right and build up to the meeting of father and son. But you may get a little taste of the Hulk here and there -- so buy every single thing I write."

In Uncanny X-Men #500, we saw a de-powered Magneto. In New Avengers, just before Civil War, there was a storyline featuring Magneto with him having his powers back. Is that written off? Fraction: "The stuff with Xorn, I don't think the book has been closed on that yet. That's more of a Xorn question than a Magneto question. Magneto and his powers are one issue and the Xorn thing is another."

When Brubaker was writing for DC, you did Sleeper and Gotham Central and I loved those books. I was wondering if you were going to do something like that-- street level but with super-powered aspects? Brubaker: "If it happens, there will be be a cop named Beth. I would love to do something like that. Nothing soon."

Jason Aaron hinted he may be taking a turn on "Punisher MAX."

Are the "big events" going to end? McCann: "I don't know that we're swamping you with events as much as we are telling serialized stories. Things just naturally lead from one thing to another. Will we stop? I don't know, you keep buying them."

Favorite comic book character of all time? Cebulski: Mirage.

Pak: The Hulk.

Fraction: Mirage.

Parker: Wood God.

Mat Broome: Wolverine.

Grevioux: Fantastic Four.

Simons: Magneto

Panaccia: Magneto

Aaron: Longshot.

Brubaker: Captain America, Iron Fist and Bucky.

McCann: Dazzler and Hawkeye.

Will the Sentry become more prominent? McCann: "Sentry was last seen in Secret Invasion looking a little freaked out. That's all I can say."

Will Thor join the Avengers? McCann: "Thor was last seen in Secret Invasion looking a little pissed off. That's all I can say."

Are we ever going to see a Nick Fury comic again? McCann: "Bendis and Jonathan Hickman are writing Secret Warriors starring Nick Fury. That will start as soon as Secret Invasion is over, with the kids that survive."

Will there be more cosmic books? McCann: "There are very, very, very big plans for a lot of characters in space. For that, I'm going to ask that you come to the Secret Invasion panel tomorrow."

Favorite comic book movie?

McCann - Iron Man

Brubaker - Danger Diabolik, Spider-Man 2 and Dark Knight.

Aaron - I can't pick just one. American Splendor.

Panaccia - Comic Book Villains.

Simons - Iron Man

Grevioux - Road to Perdition.

Broome - Iron Man.

Parker - I still like The Rocketeer.

Fraction - Iron Man.

Pak - I loved Iron Man. And I think anybody else who liked Iron Man should pick up "War Machine." But "Superman: The Movie" wins.

Brian Reed then took the stage to replace the outgoing CB Cebulski. Reed's favorite comic book movie is "Ghost World." His favorite character is Spider-Man. "Thank you, you're all caught up," McCann said.

How much will Hercules and his mythology intertwine with the Hulk family? Pak: "I don't want to reveal too much, but if you want to jump back a couple of months you can pick up the Hulk vs. Hercules one-shot. I really can't say too much more for fear of spoilers."

Will there be any cameos of already-established characters in Blue Marvel? Grevioux: "Namor and the Avengers."

For the US government to be so aware of the Blue Marvel's power level, how powerful is he? Grevioux: "I will say stronger than Superman, weaker than Thor."

Can you give any insight into the direction of the New Warriors? Grevioux: "It's about Night Thrasher and where he's leading the team. They're not to happy with him. Within the next two issues his secret will be revealed."

Is Avengers: The Initiative ending? McCann was coy.

What ar the plans for Danny Ketch? Aaron: "He comes back in Ghost Rider issue #26 with a number of other Ghost Rider villains. Issue #27 is where the big battle starts, where we have Ghost Rider vs. Ghost Rider."

McCann then took a poll to see which Ghost Rider fans liked better, Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch. Blaze won overwhelmingly. There will be a Danny Ketch miniseries written by Simon Spurrier.

Any plans to have the Heroes for Hire to reunite instead of just cameos? Simons: "We'll be seeing more of them in the next couple issues of Immortal Iron Fist." Simons then hyped Dwayne Swierzynski's run on Iron First.

"I look forward to the day when we're remembered as the lame run on Iron Fist," Fraction joked.

"I'm not really looking forward to that," Simons said.

Will the original Hobgoblin be making a non-Spider-Girl appearance? McCann: "No."

A fan in a Green Lantern shirt asked McCann, "Seriously, Dazzler?"

"Seriously, Green Lantern?" McCann answered. "All she has to do is go ooooh yellow -- and you're DONE."

"I think you got pwned," Brubaker said,

When's the real Jessica Drew going to have her day? McCann: "As soon as Secret Invasion ends, there is an ongoing Spider-Woman series by Bendis and Maleev -- with someone in the Spider-Woman costume."

How did Jeff Parker come up with the all ages Avengers stuff? Parker: "First, they gave me a suggested lineup. It was about five or six characters and somewhere in there they had Giant-Man, who I never particularly cared for. Immediately, I started campaigning for more women on the team. It's supposed to be a gateway book and we wanted girls reading too. I asked, if I can't squeeze any more girls on the team, can I use Giant-Girl? And they were fine with that. Then of course they forced Wolverine on me because that's the law. But it works very well."

A fan expressed his fondness for Machine Man, and Brian Reed admitted that he'd love to write a Machine Man ongoing -- a title McCann said would sell maybe five copies. Fraction plugged writer Ivan Brandon's four-issue Machine Man story in "Marvel Comics Presents."

Will we see more of Nextwave? McCann: "Stuart Immonen is REALLY busy drawing an amazing run on Ultimate Spider-Man right now. When Warren Ellis and Stuart are ready to come back to it, we will be more than ready to publish it."

Now that Marvel has more control over the moviemaking, are there certain characters that lend themselves better to movies? McCann: "Nobody here has any control, but there is a bit of a braintrust. There is some crosstalk. Bendis, Millar, Joe Q and Axel Alonso met with Favreau about Iron Man. There is some synergy. Marvel Studios is saying we've been doing right on the comic books and we're doing it right on the screen."

Which Captain America will be in the movie, Steve Rogers or Bucky? Brubaker: "I'm not at liberty to say anything about it. You'll like it, trust me."

McCann closed by plugging the Marvel Your Universe panel featuring Marvel Studios, Publishing and Video Games in one room.

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