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Marvel Comics held its Mondo Marvel panel at Comic-Con International Tursday afternoon, with "New Avengers: Reunion" writer Jim McCann, Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, "X-Men Noir" artist Denis Calero, "Lethal Legion" and "Zodiac" writer Frank Tieri, "Amazing Spider-Man" editor Steve Wacker, "Marvel Adventures Spider-Man" and "Avengers" writer Paul Tobin, and C.B. Cebulski on hand for the discussion. Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada moderated..

A trailer for the "Spider-Woman" motion comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev as the publisher finished arranging the name placards. An "Iron Man" music video followed, as well as promotional videos related to Marvel's San Diego activities.

"Hi!" Quesada began enthusiastically, calling fans to greater applause. "Thanks for enthusiastic yet prompted response!"

The slide presentation began with "Amazing Spider-Man" 611, which will be written by Joe Kelly with art by Eric Canete, Starring Deadpool.

Next was "Black Widow" by Paul Cornell and Tom Raney, which will be 4 issues beginning in November.

"X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain" is a sequel by Fred Van Lente and Denis Calero "There's more of shooting guys in the face, if you liked that," Calero said.

"There's a new Doctor in the house," Quesada said of the upcoming "Doctor Voodoo" series, debuting Jefte Palo's interior art. Rick Remender writes that book.

2010 will see "Captain America/Black Panther," a 4-issue mini by Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan, T'Challa's father T'Chaka will feature.

Paul Tobin said that Marvel Adventures would start building sub-plots and more in-depth stories, but still feature done-in-ones.

"Punisher MAX" is going to be "a book for your whole family," Aaron said, "if your family name happens to be Manson." There will be a MAX version of Wilson Fisk in the series.

The first question was about Lady Deadpool. "I saw one last night," the fan said. "How did you do with Lady Deadpool?" Quesada asked. "Not well," the fan replied.

Quesada said Marvel is "heading toward the end of the third act of what we started in 'Civil War,'" and will pull back from mega-events. "You'll see more family-oriented adventures, between the X-Men family, the Avengers family, and Daredevil," he said.

Any plans to "pull ROM Space Knight from 1979?" "I can't comment on ROM," Quesada replied, "except to make fun of your Robin costume."

Fraction took exception to a fan's comment that Dazzler hadn't done much. "She blew evil Psylocke's face off!" He said that he is adding characters to put pieces in place. Northstar was added when "I realized the X-Men didn't have anybody to stop a motorcycle."

Fan: "Matt Fraction, thanks for giving Colossus his balls back." He then asked Jeph Loeb about what to expect from the new Ultimate Comics line. Quesada interrupted to say there will be announcements tomorrow, especially at Cup O'Joe.

"The horror of what went on in that book 'Ultimatum,' to me when Hank sprayed Jan with ant spray, I thought, ok, we've gone beyond what's previously been done in comics," Loeb said, comparing the event to the infamous domestic abuse issue in classic Marvel continuity. "In the Ultimate Universe, when the Hulk killed 800 people and ate a bunch of people, that stayed. So what happens when you destroy the world, and how do you rebuild that." Loeb promised the third issue would be out on Wednesday.

McCann said that Marvel slowed down its trade paperback releases at the request of retailers to help support individual issue sales.

"Early on in my tenure at Marvel, we had no trade department," Quesada noted. "As we built our trade department, we had to get material out there. We had to bring readers back and bring readers in, so we had to get those books out early."

A fan asked if there are any plans for Hellion, the New X-Man who had been "sidelined" since that series' end. "Come to the X-Men panel; the people writing him will be there," McCann said. Fraction referred to Hellion's recent appearance in the Quentin Quire mutant fascist costume in "Uncanny," starting a riot. "He's kind of important right now."

McCann reminded fans that Bo Obama, the presidential family dog, will appear in the next issue of "Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers."

"There is a story in the works" about Spider-Man's mystical re-masking, Wacker said, but it's a ways off.

Quesada said that Wacker will be a "viral internet sensation" for the videos he's doing with Marvel.com. "Viral in the way that herpes is viral," Fraction said. "I'm announcing my herpes at Cup O'Joe!" Wacker joked.

"Runaways" #14 is "the jaw-dropper," McCann said in response to a fan question.

Why can't Spider-Man and Daredevil avoid relationships and be "like Wolverine and have a bunch on the side?" "Did you just go through a breakup?" McCann joked. "Andy Diggle has got some stuff planned for Matt, I think you'll be pretty happy," Quesada said. "When Matt Murdock does get involved with somebody, it's pretty sure she's going to die."

Any plans to turn a hero into a villain? Quesada said it would depend on whether a writer had a good story. Tieri noted that Wonder Man has joined the Lethal Legion.

Is product placement a solution to price increases? "We do some of that, but it's not always appropriate," Quesada said. "We're not just going to open our doors and say, hey Trojan, come on in!" "But the Avengers will be moving into an old Circuit City building," McCann said. Quesada clarified that he did not believe product placement would have a significant impact on cover prices.

Plans for "Invincible Iron Man" post-World's Most Wanted? "I've written up to 18, and I'm kind of dragging my feet on 19. It continues beyond 19, but the question is, does Tony?" Fraction said. "Things get worse."

Calero described the first "X-Men Noir" series as Fred Van Lente's take on the Lee/Kirby team, and the new series will expand to a broader world. He also gave the fan a sketch for asking about the series?

Iron Patriot vs. Iron Spider? Fraction: "That's the worst idea."

A fan's joke question about Loeb's Teen Wolf 3 led the writer to evasively answer that he could not discuss the studio's plans, in such a way that suggested there may actually be news.

"Allan Heinberg is knee-deep in writing a massive 'Young Avengers'-related project," Quesada said in response to a question. He said Marvel will wait until Heinberg and the writer have finished everything to make sure the series comes out in a timely fashion.

"Big plans for Ms. Marvel this year, big, giant plans," Wacker said after a discussion of Marvel's female characters.

The panel wrapped up shortly after.

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