CCI: Marvel's Next Point One Details, Cable Returns

Ed. - We incorrectly referred to Marvel's Point One one-shot as a series of issues. The story has been updated with corrected info.

Marvel announced a pair of surprise projects during today's Cup O' Joe panel. The first is a new, 64-page Point One one, slated to hit stores in November. While the new installment of the initiative remains to be extra-accessible to new readers, it it will also serve as a "rosetta stone" for the publisher's 2012 stories.

The next announcement was a follow-up to a teaser Marvel released several weeks ago: Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will be teaming on "Cable Reborn," a new project designed to return the longtime X-Men fan-favorite character to the Marvel Universe after his apparent death in the "Second Coming" storyline.

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