CCI: Marvel Unveils Thor's Helm

In previous years at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Comics has brought out big pieces of its pop culture crossover stars from a giant Hulk statue to a hall of Iron Man's armors. This year, with "Thor" being the next big self-produced release for the company's movie studio, the Marvel booth has been anchored by a piece of the set from Kenneth Branagh's incoming comic adaptation. But apparently, the company's plans for teasing the movie haven't quite wrapped yet as this morning Marvel added three helmets from the film to the floor show.

Between the silver wings on the main piece and the arched horns on the other, two of the pieces obviously belong to Thor and his evil brother Loki. As for the third, no signage indicated whether it belonged to Odin, one of the Warrior's Three or any of the other Asgardian gods expected to appear in the film, but with it's appearance being that of a combination of the other two, it likely belongs to the Allfather.

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