CCI: Marvel signs Pham to 'Mighty' Exclusive Deal

Marvel Comics announced at Comic-Con International the signing of rising star artist Khoi Pham ("X-Factor" and "Incredible Hulk") to an exclusive deal.

Pham, who made his Marvel debut as a fill-in artist on "Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four" in 2007, will continue his team-up with superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis on "Mighty Avengers," which started with #14 earlier this year.

The book has showcased various artists throughout its "Secret Invasion" tie-in issues, but Choi will return to full-time duties at the conclusion of the mega event.

Pham told CBR News it was important to sign exclusively with Marvel to show his appreciation for "putting their trust in me as an unproven talent."

"It also enables me to devote all of my time to drawing comics and honing my craft," he continued. "I think I'm only scratching the surface of where my art can go."

The artist said working with Bendis is a blast and he couldn't be happier with his collaborator.

"Brian rocks. I'm having nothing but good times working him," said Pham, who added he didn't have a preference drawing a team book or a solo series.

"I'll draw anything in tights," he quipped. "There are different kinds of challenges that come with different kinds of projects, but I can't say one is any more challenging than the others."

Pham shared some quick hits on the cast of heroes he will be drawing moving forward.

That is, if none of them are offed in "Secret Invasion."

Ares: "I love the costume Frank Cho designed for him. He's fun as hell to draw. Plus, I have a soft spot for him from working on 'Hercules.'"

Black Widow: "Does she have long hair or short hair now?"

Iron Man: "I thanked Adi Granov personally in Chicago this year for designing such a simple costume to draw."

Ms. Marvel: "Such a sleak and iconic costume."

The Sentry: "Nice simple costume."

Spider-Woman: "Simple costume too. I think I'm seeing a trend here."

Wasp: "I can fit her in any small spot."

Wonder Man: "The best part is I don't have to draw his eyes."

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