CCI: Marvel Games Target "Avengers," "Deadpool" & More

A fully packed house joined Marvel to see what video games were on hand at their official panel at Comic-Con International at San Diego, a far cry from the half-full presentation at last year's convention. Marvel did not disappoint, packing plenty of information into their one hour allotment.

First up, a new trailer for the Facebook game "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" appeared, featuring various characters in action. The team also confirmed the addition of several new characters, including Gambit, Beast, Havok, and Emma Frost. A new Avengers Vs. X-Men-style team-up battle will also be rolled out within the next few months, along with additional new characters.

From there, Ubisoft took the stage to discuss "Marvel's The Avengers: Battle For Earth" for Wii U and Kinect. After premiering a new trailer featuring more characters from the game (including Hulk and Captain America), the company's PR team pumped up the crowd by talking about how your movements could execute attacks in the game, such throwing boulders with Hulk and shooting webs with Spider-Man. They also talked about features that will be included in "Battle For Earth," including co-op support.

Chris Baker of Marvel Games then talked about Capcom's forthcoming "Marvel vs. Capcom Origins," a downloadable game that will feature both the original "Marvel vs. Capcom" fighting game, along with "Marvel Superheroes." The game will feature online support through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, along with dedicated match options (for die-hard fighting fanatics) and a tournament-style Spectator Mode. Some classic covers are also being recreated for the game, including "Infinity Gauntlet #1."

Gazillion Entertainment then kicked a presentation for the upcoming MMO "Marvel Heroes" (previously known as "Marvel Universe Online"), opening up with a trailer showcasing a great deal of the action you can expect to get into with Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther and Dr. Doom, among others. They closed their presentation with a new animation trailer for the second act of the game, where a growing community of mutants (headed up by the X-Men) takes on an evil group called the Purifiers.

From there, it was Activision's turn, but not before reminding the audience of their first published game under Marvel, "Howard the Duck: Adventure On Volcano Island" on Commodore 64 (complete with song from the film). Developer High Moon Studios then talked for a minute before a man in a Deadpool costume with a bullhorn interrupted the panel, spoiling that the previously announced "Hit-Monkey" game was a ruse. Instead, the official announcement was made for the much-rumored game "Deadpool." The Merc With the Mouth then hit the stage and took over the podium, seizing a microphone and announcing that he's taken over High Moon Studios. He also told plenty of jokes, saying "I AM A HOLOGRAAAAAM!" and even pulling a Kanye West-like "I'm not gonna let you finish!" After pumping up the crowd for excessive applause (and harassing the panelists), he played the first trailer for the game, featuring a Shakespearean-like opening with him sitting in a chair, and an argument breaking out in his head. It sounds like Nolan North will be providing the voice for the game, and it features over-the-top fighting and shooting action and, of course, boob ogling. (For good measure, he then showed it again, with running commentary by Deadpool himself.) We'll have the unedited trailer up for you soon, but you can see it at the game's official website.

With that, the floor was opened for a Q&A with the panelists, including questions about a rumored Spider-Man VR game that has long since vanished (no plans to bring it back), curious questions about a new "Iron Man" game (one currently isn't in the works), a request for a "Deadpool" shirt (available at the Activision booth while supplies last) and a request for a new "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" game. (Currently, one isn't happening, but it's not out of the cards.) More questions were asked about the "Deadpool" game and what kind of gameplay it will have, but the team couldn't say just yet.

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