CCI: Marvel Games Panel Recap

Marvel Comics has quite a foothold in the video gaming market, and it proved it with a panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego to highlight the many projects that are either in the works or currently released. The showcase opened with a quick trailer for Sega's "Captain America: Super Soldier," showing the shield-slinging superhero doing damage to incoming Hydra soldiers.

From there, Marvel Games' T.Q. Jefferson entered the room, talking about the business in general and the many platforms that the games are available for, including consoles, mobile platforms and PC. He then went into more detail about the "Captain America" game, discussing the close collaboration between Sega, its respective developers and Marvel. (Christos Gage actually wrote the story for the "Cap" game.)

"X-Men: Destiny" was up next, with Denis Dyack and another Silicon Knights team member joining the festivities. A trailer was then shown, similar to the one previously screened at the CCI Activision panel. Denis explained how the game was unique from other X-Men games, with new characters, making choices with various X-Men and Brotherhood members and taking a new route. They then showed the new additions to the game -- Emma Frost and Iceman -- who fight alongside and chat with you.

Denis then talked about the primary location for the game, San Francisco, and how it pertains to the X-Men universe, and also shared the three main characters featured in "Destiny." Someone asked a question via Twitter about costumes, and it was explained that several unlockable ones will be included, tied in with the X-Genes. A Gamestop exclusive skin for Havok was then revealed, with a Tron-like, black and neon-blue appearance. It was also hinted that some of the "X-Men" characters would die.

Jason Robar, VP and GM of Gazillion, then joined the panel to talk about "Marvel Super Hero Squad Online." He discussed its free-to-play setup (for both PC and Mac) and how you can create your own story, using any of the characters in the scrunched-down Marvel Universe. He also explained how the game appeals to adults instead of just kids. They've also enabled a new card-collecting system for "Squad," with hundreds to collect. A trailer was shown elaborating on this new component.

"Marvel Pinball" was the next topic of discussion. It was explained that it's one of the highest-rated Marvel games out there, and the game was coming to several new platforms, including Wii U, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. A new four-pack of downloadable tables will come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well, titled "Vengeance and Virtue." Only one table was announced, a Ghost Rider table. The package will arrive this winter.

From there, Dee Brown, studio head for Beenox, and writer Peter David stopped by to talk about "Spider-Man: Edge of Time." A trailer followed, showing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 in action. Brown discussed the process of creating an original storyline around the Spider-Man universe, and David chimed in on how character-driven the game is, a message he stressed previously at the Activision panel. David also stated there was a constant interaction between regular Spiderman and Spidey 2099 throughout the game, a necessary one to keep them both out of harm's way.

Furthermore, players who have a previous save from "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" will be able to unlock new costumes to use in "Edge of Time," including an Ultimate Spider-Man costume, the black suit and more. Other outfits will be available exclusively through Gamestop pre-order, including a retro Ricochet outfit. Amazon will get a Future Foundation suit, as well.

THQ's Jonathan McMullen then came out to discuss "Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat," coming for Wii uDraw, Xbox 360 (with Kinect support) and PlayStation 3 (with Move support) this November. It's a game where you use a drawing panel and a stylus to engage in combat with enemies by drawing with a stencil-like tool and tilting the device. (It's aimed at kids.) A trailer was shown, featuring a Marvel character who's never been in a game before -- Squirrel Girl! (Jefferson discussed the power of Squirrel Girl, reiterating that they finally kept their promise of putting her in a game.)

A new Nintendo 3DS game in the "Marvel Super Hero Squad" vein was also plugged, titled "The Infinity Gauntlet." It's set for release this October. Other 3DS games also touched on were "Captain America: Super Soldier" and "Thor: God of Thunder." Mobile Marvel games were also pointed out, including the recently released "Captain America: Super Soldier" and "X-Men: The Arcade Game."

Seth Killian from Capcom dropped by next to chat about "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3," the follow-up to this year's popular crossover game. He mentioned the cheaper price point ($40), as well as balancing tweaks and a new Spectator Mode. It'll have new characters as well, including Ghost Rider and Hawkeye. He then revealed some footage of Ghost Rider in action, using his flaming chain whip on opponents and, at one point, running them over on his bike. (He also has an impressive super-attack where he forces his opponent to look into his eyes, which takes off a huge chunk of Penance Stare energy -- or even finishes them if they're weak enough.) A game clip for Hawkeye was also shown, including a variety of projectile attacks and some insane aerial attacks. (And yes, Ant-Man makes an appearance, based off of the famous cover for "Avengers" #223 -- a tidbit Jefferson pointed out.)

New costumes for existing characters will be included, in both "Keeping It Classic" and "Keeping It Current" collections. The new outfits will be taken from current 2011 comic releases. (This includes Deadpool's alternate Deadwish outfit.) Eight new stages will be included, such as Shadowland. (Comic Book Resources will have hands-on impressions soon.)

Finally, the panel concluded with a breakdown of the "Marvel Universe" MMO for PC, with Gazillion President David Brevik on hand to discuss it. Though details were few (and no screens were shown), Brevik did state it was looking like a release for next year. It'll be very feature-enabled and a free-to-play release. You'll also be able to play as the superheroes and travel to a variety of Marvel-based locations, though again, no specifics were provided. Deadpool was confirmed for the game, joining the likes of Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Nova and Squirrel Girl. (Her again!)

The panel then concluded, cutting short the opportunity for Q&A, but it was a breezy, engaging presentation overall with lots of information. Be sure to check back with CBR News for news reports soon!

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