CCI: Marvel Comics' Costume Contest

Comic-Con International in San Diego played host to Marvel Comics' costume contest Saturday afternoon, featuring the best real-life renditions of their favorite Marvel Universe character participating cosplayers had to offer. The event, sponsored by Oxygen, was a lively one, with fans doing their best to impress the assembled panel of judges which included Elissa Harman and Amy Schuster representing Oxygen's parent company, NBCUniversal, Marvel editor Steve Wacker and cosplay royalty, Yaya Han. Not one to disappoint her fans, Yaya was dressed to impress as Marvel's Sif, Thor's sometimes-love interest/warrior goddess compatriot, and was more than happy to strike a few poses of her own for the enthusiastic crowd.

As for the contestants, while it was obvious that everyone who entered loved the characters they were portraying and had a blast presenting themselves to the judges and audience, only the best could walk away with the prizes. Presented below are photos from the event, as well as a listing of the winning costumes.

First Place: Six-Person Marvel Group consisting of Rogue, Gambit, Kitty Pryde (with Lockheed!), the movie version of Cyclops, Emma Frost and Ms. Marvel

Second Place: 1940s Female Captain America

Third Place: Beta Ray Bill

First Runner Up: Songbird

Second Runner Up: Stan Lee

All photos taken by and copyright Caitlin Holland

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