CCI: Lionsgate TV Taking a Trip to Zenescope's <i>Wonderland</i>

Another day of Comic-Con International, another comic adaptation announcement. This time it's Zenescope's Wonderland series, which is being developed for television by Lionsgate TV, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project is being spearheaded by former Smallville producer Brian Robbins.

"I was really drawn to the visuals; they're dark, intense and sexual in a really provocative way," Robbins told the trade paper. "I love that it's a mother-daughter story; that's what really drew me to it. In the same way that [Smallville's] Clark [Tom Welling] had a similar relationship with his father, there's a parallel here. It's a really great retelling of the Wonderland story. There's an opportunity to take something that has really great pre-awareness and spin it like we did with Smallville."

The series will be based on three miniseries from Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tale line created by Zenescope founders Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco. The comics that continue the adventures of Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland include Return to Wonderland, Escape From Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland.

While there are plenty of fairy tale-based shows on television, and even more coming up next season, this will be the first one for Lionsgate TV, the outfit that brings you Mad Men, Weeds and Charlie Sheen's Anger Management.

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