CCI: Johns Brings JSA to "Smallville"

Last year, Geoff Johns closed out Comic-Con International with news that gave long-time Legion fans a cause for rejoice and if they didn't have one already, a reason to watch "Smallville." The superstar writer contributed a script to the CW's primetime powerhouse that placed the Legion of Super-Heroes smack dab in middle of the "Smallville" mythos.

Well he's at it again. It was announced Sunday at the "Smallville" panel that this season, Johns is shifting his focus from a superhero team protecting the world thousands of years in the future to comicdom's original superhero team - The Justice Society of America.

Johns, who wrote "JSA" and the later relaunched "Justice Society of America" for nearly a decade, told CBR News that the producers of "Smallville" approached him shortly after the ninth season was commissioned by the network to see if he was interested in writing another episode. His answer was "yes," with one caveat.

"Brian [Peterson] and Kelly [Souders], the showrunners, approached me after 'Smallville' was picked up for another season and they asked, 'Would you be interested in doing another episode?' and I said, 'Yes. I'd be interested, if I could bring another DC property that's never been brought to live action, to live action.'

"And so we talked a little bit and I pitched them my idea on how I thought a JSA episode would work, because I wanted to remain faithful to what JSA's all about but still work within the context of the show. And they liked it."

Johns said it was way too early to discuss specific details about the episode, but noted he was excited to be heading back to Vancouver for another project.

"The writing staff working up there in Vancouver is excellent," he explained. "And I'm really excited that I'm going to have the chance to work with everybody again. And of course, I'm really excited to be bringing the JSA to Smallville."

Since the Legion members featured last season were heavy hitters - Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy - CBR News nudged Johns for at least a tease of which JSA members we might be seeing.

"I can not to tell you that yet. But I can tell you there might be a character or two that you won't expect," teased Johns.

No airdate was announced for the episode but Johns said, "I think it will be around the same time as last season, maybe early to mid-January, but we haven't locked down the exact airdate yet."

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