CCI: "Iron Man 2" Shows Its Stuff

A packed room in Hall H got exactly what they wanted - a solid 5-minute preview of the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie.

But before that 5-minute clip was revealed, director John Favreau came out, and showed a short minute-long clip, featuring a short courtroom scene and what looked like a rehearsal fight scene. The lights came up, and on stage was Robert Downey Jr.

"Favreau, are you kidding me," Downey Jr. shouted. "What was that unadulterated garbage?"

Favreau stammered that they didn't have anything to show, they just wrapped shooting last week...

"Bullshit, Fivey, you've shown me better than that," Downey Jr. demanded. "Why are you so distracted?"

Favreau then told the crowd it was his son's birthday, and he felt bad that he wasn't hanging out with his son, who was in the crowd. Downey Jr. then led the crowd in "Happy Birthday." At the end of the song, Favreau shouted, "Alright, let's roll the footage!"

The 5-minute long clip starts off with Tony Stark in the Iron Man armor, sans helmet, eating a donut. The camera pans back and reveals that he's sitting in the "Randy's Donuts" sign. Samuel L. Jackson then walks into the scene as Nick Fury, shouting at Tony Stark to come down from the donut.

The two then have donuts and coffee together. Fury asks Stark to join a superhero group, Stark insists that he is a loner.

The scene then switches to CNN coverage of a trial. Gary Shandling portrays Senator Stern, and is grilling Stark about owning a high-tech weapon. Shandling demands Stark turn the Iron Man armor over to the U.S. government. Stark insists he won't, then utters his famous, "I am Iron Man." He says that turning the armor in would be akin to prostitution.

Don Cheadle makes his first appearance as James Rhodes in this scene. Stark and Rhodes have a cool exchange, and then Rhodes sits down at the trial. Tony Stark tells Senator Stern that he's "welcome" for protecting the U.S. He then turns to the reporters and shouts, "I've successfully privatized world peace!"

Senator Stern, not happy with Stark's antics, drops two "fuck you!"s on Stark, both bleeped out.

Following that scene, we see Mickey Rourke working on the Whiplash armor. Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow is then shown. Several quick action shots are shown, including Iron Man getting shot out of the sky, Stark and Natasha Romanov dancing and Whiplash at a race track. The clip ends with Sam Rockwell, playing the role of Justin Hammer, showing a bevy of advanced weapons to James Rhodes. "Give me something here, you're like the sphinx," Hammer says, "I can't read you." "I'll take it," Rhodes says. "Which one?" Hammer asks. "All of them," Rhodes replies.

The clip ends with an action shot of War Machine, shooting three different guns in three different directions.

"I can't believe your rig is better than my rig," Downey Jr. said to Cheadle after the lights came back up. "It was a contractual thing," Cheadle joked back.

Favreau thanked the Comic-Con crowd, and told them that they made the trailer specifically for that crowd.

"It all started here," Favreau said. "Nobody cared (about Iron Man) before you guys did, and now we have a hit movie... and we want another one! From the standpoint of marketing, everyone knows (about Iron Man). But we wanted to do something for you guys, to say 'thank you.'"

Favreau, Downey Jr., Cheadle, Rockwell and Johansson were all on the panel, along with Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. Favreau said that Rourke and Gwyneth Paltrow sent their regards, but could not make the panel as they were on the other side of the globe.

Cheadle and Johansson both seemed nervous in front of the huge Comic-Con crowd. "I've never worked on a movie of this scope," Cheadle said. "I was very nervous for the whole shoot. But (the cast) gave me really good guidance."

Cheadle said he was floored by the footage that had just been shown, and that the Comic-Con crowd saw it before he had even seen it. He asked if it could be played again, to the delight of the audience. The crowd then soaked in a second helping of the clip.

Johansson was also a little tongue-twisted on the panel.

"Uhm, wow," were her first words, as the crowd went crazy. She then said her audition to get the role of Black Widow was only a couple of deep knee bends and lunges. "That came out the wrong way... I didn't really have a formal audition..."

"Did you bump your fucking head? Her audition was her body of work!" Downey Jr. said.

Favreau said he was impressed with Johannson's dedication to the role.

"She showed up and her hair was red, and I said, 'Wow, you really want the part, don't you?' She dyed the hair before she had the part, I thought that showed a lot of enthusiasm. And then she said she was going to work as hard as she had to to do her stunts."

Favreau was asked if he would direct the upcoming Avengers movie. Favreau said that he hadn't discussed anything with the studio, but that he would look at the artwork on the Thor movie. He said it was good news for him that Iron Man 2 would be finished before the Thor movie started shooting, and hopefully the movies can continue to coordinate and cross-pollinate with each other.

The panel was asked to comment on working with Mickey Rourke.

"I thought I was eccentric," Downey Jr. said.

Favreau said that he was impressed with Rourke's determination.

"I informed Mickey, his character had done some time in a Russian prison. The next thing I heard was that Mickey was in a Russian prison. And I found out through TMZ."

At the end of the panel, which started about 10 minutes late and only lasted a little over half an hour, Bob Layton's writing of Iron Man was praised by a fan. The panel then invited Layton to join them on stage.

"This franchise is in good hands," Layton, out-of-breath from climbing up on stage, told the crowd. "It's going to blow you away."

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