CCI | Hilary Swank Takes On Radical's <i>Shrapnel</i>

Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank is set to produce and star in an adaptation of Radical Publishing's science fiction comic Shrapnel.

Created by Nick Sagan, M. Zachary Sherman, Mark Long and Zombie Studios, Shrapnel is set in the year 2250, where Sam, a former Solar Alliance Marine, organizes a revolt on Venus against the government that she once fought for and lead the colonists to freedom.

Toby Wagstaff is writing the screenplay. Radical Studios President Barry Levine and Sean Daniel of Sean Daniel Company will produce with Swank.  Long, Radical's Jesse Berger and Untitled Entertainment's Jason Weinberg will executive produce.

“I am a fan of  the work that Barry and Radical Pictures are doing in the comic and action  arena," Swank said in a statement. "Shrapnel, and specifically the character of Sam, offer me the  opportunity to dive into an exciting role with many layers and depth that are  rarely found in this genre. I am game for the challenge, and look forward to  developing and collaborating with Barry.”

Swank, who won Academy Awards for her performances in Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby, was executive producer of Freedom Writers, Amelia and Conviction.

Radical has numerous comic-book adaptations in development, including Oblivion (with TRON: Legacy director Joe Kosinksi and Tom Cruise), Hercules and Last Days of American Crime.

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