CCI: Grevioux returns to "Underworld"

While Kevin Grevioux is known amongst comics readers as the writer behind Marvel's latest incarnation of their New Warriors franchise, the majority of the public know him as Raze -- the werewolf enforcer from 2003's sci-fi epic "Underworld," which he also wrote. Now both groups of fans will get a chance to see the continuation of the latter as Grevioux returns to the world he helped create, reprising his role in January's "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" prequel and adapting the movie for IDW Publishing, as announced last weekend Comic-Con International in San Diego. The two-issue miniseries will ship in November and December with interiors and covers by Andrew Huerta with colors by Luis Antonio Delgado.

"It wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be, but it definitely wasn't easy," Grevioux told CBR News. "Everything about writing comics, especially when you're writing for a company like IDW, Marvel, what have you... everything has to fit into their particular page count. So trying to pick and choose out of an entire screenplay which scenes should get the priority and how deeply you go into each scene can be difficult. It's a matter of picking and choosing."

However, the series won't be an exact adaptation, as Grevioux plans to expand several elements of Underworld mythology and characterization in the issues. "I had to add a couple of scenes here and there to round it out and make the characters pop a little more to give an overall sense of what was happening in that world," he said. "That was important, and I think it worked out pretty well."

The writer continued, "Usually when you do something that has potential for a franchise, you can only give them a quarter of the potential of the universe at a time. That's what we did. Plus, with films -- they're woefully expensive. Depending on how all of them do, you might not to get to expand them the way you conceived. With comic books, however, you have a chance to go into the nooks and crannies of the universe."

The "Rise of the Lycans" film -- on which, like previous installments in the Underworld franchise, Grevioux serves as a co-producer -- tells the story of the werewolf revolt against their vampire masters, although as viewers know, the ensuing war won't wrap up too easily. "I like keeping it a Cold War status even though I will tell you as a rule I don't like vampires and never have," laughed Grevioux. "Ever since I was a kid, I could never understand some of the more silly aspects of the mythos -- I can see a vampire, yet he can't cast a reflection? Idiotic to me."

Despite his preference both on screen and off for the Lycan faction, the Grevioux admitted that part of what makes the "Underworld" franchise successful is its updating of some of the more oddball gothic legends for modern times. "Try to find a way to take the classic monster or creature myths and turn them on their ear and try to come up with something different."

Grevioux also has hopes that this first IDW miniseries will be the start of an ongoing exploration of the mythos of "Underworld" in comic book form, including the possible return of his character in stories that aren't prequels. "Even though my character allegedly died in the first film, these characters can always be brought back because of the nature of their morphology," he teased.

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