CCI | Fringe Video Subtly Hints At A Next Season Revelation

The Fringe panel at Comic-Con International wasn't terribly illuminating if you're looking for some kind of hint about exactly what the hell happened at the end of last season's explosive finale. In short -- and spoilers ahead, so beware -- Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) doesn't seem to exist anymore, but he did manage to save both universes before disappearing into the ether.

With Jackson now so non-existent you can't even call him a distant memory -- he was never there in the first place in this new timeline, right? -- the show's producers are re-casting the role. They showed off clips from some of the (completely not serious) audition tapes at Comic-Con last week, an amusing reel that may also hold the panel's only revelation.

Pay careful attention there at the end. One of the commonly held beliefs among fans is that Peter is now an Observer, the show's gang of hairless, suit-and-hat-wearing time-jumpers who make a habit of ... well ... observing. When Jackson pops up at the tail end of the below clip, his costume is a pretty clear nod in the direction of the fans who think that.

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