CCI: Friday Photo Parade

Because I know how you guys can't get enough of these Photo Parades, we present photos from Friday during Comic-Con International in San Diego. As always, blame Jonah Weiland for the comments and praise Pinguino Kolb for the photography. And here we go.

I like this shot -- the doors just opened and these folks ran down the escalators to get in.Edgar Wright, Jessica Hynes & Simon Pegg
Johnny Galecki ("Big Bang Theory")Kunal Nayyar ("Big Bang Theory")
Kunal Nayyar ("Big Bang Theory")Simon Helberg ("Big Bang Theory," "Dr. Horrible")
Jim Parsons ("Big Bang Theory")Kaley Cuoco ("Big Bang Theory")
The Merc With A Mouth takes in a Marvel panel.The Cup O' Joe
Spidey has a question or 18 for the Marvel editors.Eric Shanower
Jeph LoebReggie Hudlin
Orson Scott CardJoe Quesada
Jim McCann embraces Dazzler! My turn, my turn!Some orange beast for Orangesuckington.
Hawt Cos-Play Action.Damned if I know. Bow and Arrow + crown of thorns type thing + angel wings = I don't like.
Matt BuschLadies and Gentlemen, we begin my favorite part of today's photo parde -- The Marvel Fashion Show!
10!10! 10! 10! 10! 10!
11! 11! 11! 11! 11!Oh mommy!
Oh mommy, part II!John Dokes is a very happy man. Jonah Weiland is a very jealous man. "John, tell them I have a boat! John! Hello?!?"
Joe Quesada looks like a happy man, but not for the same reasons as John.Paul Dini, Drian Azzarello, Dustin Nguyen
Dustin Nguyen, Jerry Robinson, Grant MorrisonThe Batman Panel
Bryan TalbotTodd Klein
"Hi! Hello. Uhmm, hi! So, uhh, hi! Hello! Wow. Mommy. Hello! Hi! I have a boat. Oh, please don't walk away!""The Freshmen" signing: Sheldon Mitchell, Troy Peter, Hugh Sterbakov, Blond
"Uhh, dude, you got some metal shit hanging out your back."Man with Giant Home-Made Fish Head Hat. Not a wise decision.
Tommy YuneCosplayers with Domokun!
I dislike your costume.I like your body paint. A lot! -- CBR reader Brian Goodman writes in with some clarification. "The girls in the body paint are all Twi-Leks from the Star Wars Universe. The blue one of the left with the lighsaber is Aayla Secura, the blue one on the right is Mission Vao, the red one with the sith tatoos is Darth Talon and the green one is Oola, the dancing Twi-lek girl from Return of the Jedi." Thanks, Brian! I have no idea what I'm going to do with that information.
Niall Matter (Mothman from "Watchmen")Joe Quesada, Ruwan Jayatilleke and
I'm told Jesuses for "Hamlet 2." In actuality, it's a bunch of dudes that are just plain freaking me out.
Yes, it's the line outside for Hall H.Some bad mother f ... I mean Sam Jackson!
Frank Miller (I like the shot peering through folks -- I see you, Frank!)
I still dislike your costume, although I do like the shot."The Spirit" producer Deborah Del Prete
Cosplay Ladies. Hello.The DC Booth
Max BrooksA hot dog looks to buy some art from Trevor Goring
DCU: Final Crisis ManagementA closer shot of some of the panelists.
Dan DidioGrant Morrison & Brad Meltzer
Greg Rucka, Phillip Tan and J.G. JonesThe crowd at the Dark Horse party. Front left is Ben Templesmith's profile. Center in the white is Bruce Campbell. Bottom right, smiling, is Tim Kring.
Oscar Winning Make-Up Artist Rick Baker and Bruce Campbell

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