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At Comic-Con International in San Diego, the DC Comics "Flashpoint" panel found Executive Editor Eddie Berganza, "Kid Flash Lost" artist Oliver Nome, "Reverse Flash" artist Joel Gomez, Senior Vice President-Sales Bob Wayne, "Kid Flash Lost" writer Sterling Gates, "Hal Jordan" writer Adam Schlagman, "Booster Gold" scribe Dan Jurgens, and "Deadman & the Flying Graysons" writer JT Krul answering fan questions about the titular miniseries, going on now, which put Barry Allen in a very changed world and sets the stage for DC's line-wide relaunch in September.

"'Flashpoint' has exceeded all our crazy thoughts and dreams about it," Berganza began. "And we couldn't have done it without all the guys up here."

Wayne bantered about the exclusive $100 Wayne Casino poker chips, saying they would be given out for good questions and "if I get thirsty and someone brings me a cold Dr. Pepper." Then, "I appreciate that this gentleman is holding up a can of Dr. Pepper in case I get thirsty."

Berganza then began talking about some of the tie-in series, noting that Booster Gold's time-traveling abilities made the series a natural fit for "Flashpoint." Jurgens said he enjoyed "doing Doomsday in a different way, and ending Doomsday in a different way."

Gates said "Kid Flash" #3 is "a love letter to the Flash Family," adding "Bart Allen is my favorite character so it was a pleasure to write this story."

"The end of issue #3 dovetails into 'Flashpoint' #5 in a way that I don't think a lot of people are expecting, and we do something with the Speed Force that's never been done before," Gates said.

Krul said, "I think I won for coolest covers, those Bernard Chang covers," referring to the poster-style art on "Flying Graysons."

Gates said he was excited for the unexpected matchups possible in "Flashpoint." "Where else do you get to see Kid Flash fight Brainiac?"

Krul added that the second issue of his series, released yesterday, features a surprise appearance.

Berganza, following up on a discussion of the fact that these characters remain themselves despite new circumstances, cites the "Abin Sur" and "Hal Jordan" series, saying that "it's not the ring that makes Hal a hero," and that Hal's absence from the Corps had made the Green Lanterns a darker group.

Berganza then opened the floor to questions.

Jurgens said he was given "quite a lot" of information about "Flashpoint" for his "Time Masters" miniseries, and that this helped flesh out Rip Hunter's blackboard and determine how it would be resolved.

A fan asked what's going on with former Flash Wally West in the New 52. "Wait and see," was the general response, with Wayne directing fans to the New 52 panel later in the day. Gates added that "Wally will show up in 'Kid Flash' #3, and not in the way you expect."

Krul said he tried to "cram as many characters I like into my story as possible," adding that two more will show up "one of whom is not living in the DC Universe-actually, I guess both are not living in the DC Universe."

Berganza said "the 'Outsider' has a big appearance by someone who hasn't shown up [in 'Flashpoint'] so far, so look for that."

A fan asked why Kid Flash was falling on every cover. "'Cause he's lost! When you're lost, you fall," Gates joked. Gomez quipped, "I don't get to see if Kid Flash gets splatted on the concrete or not!"

The first black poker chip was given for a fan who thanked DC for "holding the line at $2.99." He then asked about the possibility of some of the "Flashpoint" minis living on, specifically "Frankenstein." Wayne and Berganza then coyly spoke about September's New 52 books-"Frankenstein and the Agents of SHADE" has already been announced as an ongoing series.

"Flashpoint" #5 will include "an amazing double-page spread that shows how we get from 'Flashpoint' to September," Berganza said.

A fan asked about "Flashpoint" characters surviving into the rebooted universe, specifically Batman and Aquaman. "Well, Aquaman's trying to sink the world, so I don't think he'll make it. That doesn't fit into what Geoff [Johns] has planned for that book," Berganza said. "Same with Batman." The fan followed up by asking if he could have a black poker chip for the question, and was given one.

Asked about any lessons learned from the opportunity to "kill a lot of sacred cows" in "Flashpoint," Wayne joked, "I learned not to move my office from the sixth to the third floor, and still have Eddie on the sixth."

"Yeah," Berganza said, "I learned that anything is possible when your boss isn't around. Get as far away from your boss as possible-that's why all these guys are freelancers."

A fan who was quite new to the medium asked about bringing the Flash into prominence with the miniseries. Gates noted that Geoff Johns had spent a lot of time rehabilitating Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern," and wanted to do the same thing for Barry Allen following "Blackest Night," which was "essentially a Barry and Hal team-up."

Question for Gates: "How did your haunted apartment affect your deadlines?" "It affected my life because my apartment is haunted," Gates laughed. "The words 'Leave Now' were carved into a wall." Gates said that a neighbor whispered on their first meeting, "Have there been any incidents?" Learning that Gates had lasted a month-"most don't stay more than a week"-the neighbor said, "Oh, she must like you."

"The rent is amazing," Gates concluded.

A woman in a Dove costume said she has not read "Flashpoint" because "I only read what my roommate brings home and leaves in the bathroom," and asked how she could get him to bring home "Flashpoint" and where she/they should begin. "Just slide it under the door," Gomez said. The fan also said her roommate dressed as"Torchwood's" Captain Jack Harness but could not stop smiling, "so he looks goofy in every single question." She got a poker chip, which Wayne joked she was getting because of her "crappy Jack Harness" story.

Asked what each creator was given as far as "main points" from Geoff Johns, Jurgens said, "What Geoff's great about giving you is setup," and that he mostly lets creators run with it. Gates added that "Kid Flash" had changed because it was originally Bart Allen and future Flash John Fox.

Berganza said that, in New 52, Barry Allen and Batman "have a lot in common," but "the one that's really going to get on his nerves is Green Lantern."

A fan suggested a "Flashpoint" animated movie. Berganza said "Ok!" in a manner that suggested he liked the idea but it hasn't yet been considered.

Another question asked about downloadable "Flashpoint" content for "DC Universe Online." "That would be cool," Gates and Gomez nodded. "The reason Brainiac is in the future [in 'Kid Flash'] is because I like 'DC Universe Online,'" Gates said.

Will Milestone characters beyond "Static Shock" show up in New 52? "Keep reading," Berganza said. "Come to our Sunday panel, Rosebud is a Sled," Wayne joked.

A fan joked that Aquaman's big event series should be "Splashpoint." This earned a black poker chip. "Please come to one of our MAD Magazine panels," Wayne said.

Jay Garrick will play a role in "Kid Flash" #3, Gates said in response to a question about the original Flash. Throughout the panel, Gates has earned the nickname Sterling "Spoiler" Gates from Wayne.

With that, the panel concluded.

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