CCI: Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, and Becky Cloonan Q&A

It's almost tough to see Fabio Moon, his twin brother Gabriel Ba, and their friend and collaborator Becky Cloonan behind their wall of Eisner Awards. At this year's Eisner ceremony at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Ba won trophies for Best Limited Series with Gerard Way for "The Umbrella Academy," Moon earned Best Digital Comic with Joss Whedon for "Sugarshock!", and all three took home the prize for Best Anthology for "5," their self-published collaboration with Vasilis Lolos and Rafael Grampa. Their acceptance speeches - particularly Moon's, after he accepted his award from its presenter, his brother Ba - were among the most enthusiastically and unabashedly pro-comics of the evening.

But Eisners aren't the only reason the cartoonists made noise at this year's show. Moon and Ba have announced two projects over the past few days: a collaboration with "Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola on Dark Horse's "B.P.R.D.: 1947," and a new limited series called "Daytripper" at Vertigo, where they'll be labelmates with Cloonan as she reunites with writer Brian Wood on "Demo Vol. 2." Meanwhile, all three reunited with their "5" partner Lolos for another group effort, the self-published "Pixu" (pronounced "PEE-shoo"), a hot seller at their section of the Image Comics booth. Even rock star Tori Amos sang their praises during her panel Saturday when she touted the brothers' series with writer Matt Fraction, "Casanova," as one of her favorite current comics.

Comic Book Resources caught up with these three members of "5"'s Fab Five about their avalanche of Eisners, their upcoming projects and their tight-knit comics crew.

You seemed really, really excited at the Eisners. Looking back, what do you think of the experience?

Gabriel Ba: Unbelievable, actually. I still don't quite believe it.

Fabio Moon: For us it's a very special award - to come from so far and to work so hard for so long and to finally see some sort of recognition.

Becky, you still seem a little dazed.

Becky Cloonan: I'm tired right now, but I'm still blissful.

Fabio, it must have been fun to accept an Eisner from your brother.

Fabio: Oh yes, that was specially... [Moon, a Brazillian native, struggles to find the right English word] special. [Laughs]

And Gabriel, you had to enjoy giving it to him.

Gabriel: It was very... [also struggling] fortun-able? I don't know!

Becky: Fortunate!

Gabriel: Fortunate! Yeah! It was very fortunate for me to be presenting that award. It was like put together by the gods of comics. [Laughs]

How did you all hook up to do "5" and publish it yourselves in the first place?

Becky: I don't remember!

Gabriel: We knew each other for four or five years, and we really connect. We really feel the same about comics.

Becky: Somebody suggested to do something together - I don't remember whose idea it was.

Gabriel: And one time we decided to do it! So that's how we did it.

It must feel good to earn that kind of recognition for something you put together for fun.

Gabriel: [Adamantly] Well, it proves that you have to do comics because you love comics, not for any other reason.

Fabio: [Shouting] It's the best way to do it! It's not about business, it's not about anything else, it's comics.

Was your new collaboration, "Pixu," done in the same spirit as "5"?

Becky: It's a little darker. It's in a darker spirit, but the spirit comes from the same place, which is somewhere in your gut.

I get the sense it's been selling very well.

Gabriel: It is.

Fabio: It's been selling well, and we hope it sells much better now!

Becky: We only did 1,000 copies, so it's really limited.

That's a good way to get people to sit up and take notice about it.

Becky: Yeah, I hope so!

When does "Pixu II" come out? Are you releasing that at a show as well?

Becky: It comes out in September, but it's not really coming out at a show. Whatever shows we go to it'll be at, and also at Khepri.com we have all our self-published works available. They're our online distributor.

When you're not at San Diego, what are you working on?

Becky: When I'm not at San Diego and I'm not traveling around and being really busy? I had a busy year so I took a few months off for myself, but we just started on "Demo Vol. 2." [Writer] Brian Wood just got me the scripts, and it's amazing. The first issue he handed in was like a punch in the gut, so it's really powerful. Really amazing scripts. So when I get back I gotta knuckle down on that, and then "Pixu II." Those are the imminent things on the plate.

Gabriel: I have to finish "Pixu II" also when we go back. I'm working on the second volume of "Umbrella Academy." And both Fabio and I are doing our own series at Vertigo called "Daytripper" due next year, and we are going to do "B.P.R.D.: 1947" with Mike Mignola, and we're probably going to start that in September or October.

Becky: I'm, like, 100% excited for that!

What can you tell us about Daytripper?

Fabio: We're writing and drawing it, it's in color, it's coming out next year, and it's going to be awesome! [Laughs] It's about a lot of things. It's about finding out what you want in life, and how every day there are defining moments in your life that can be crucial and definitive to what you're going to be come and what you're going to do in the rest of your life. We're following this guy's life throughout several things that happen to him. It's going to be ten issues.

Any last words?

Fabio: [shouting] Do comics because of the loooove for the comics!

Gabriel: And buy "Pixu"! [Laughs]

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