CCI: Dynamite Entertainment Explodes

Dynamite Entertainment, publisher of "The Boys," "Red Sonja" and "Green Hornet" came to Comic-Con International in San Diego this past Sunday for their first-ever panel to discuss plans for the coming year with their fans.

First up was "Red Sonja" which will undergo a change to focus on more down-to-earth stories as the title will pull back from the heavily magic-influenced events that have occurred recently. For "Queen Sonja," the focus will be more on the human aspect of things. It seems that Sonja has gotten tired of being on the defensive and decided the time is right for her to start conquering other nations.

There will be a new "Wrath of the Gods" series debuting later this year by Luke Lieberman, and it's not the only title coming back to the fold. "Buck Rogers" will also be finding its way back to stands after a brief hiatus.

"Warlord of Mars" is going to start off with how John Carter got into the famous cave. After the first two issues, the comics will be more of a faithful adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' original books. According to the panel there has been a lot of time spent on designing the world and future issues will see some added notes and material not in the original "John Carter of Mars" novels. Covers for "Warlord of Mars" will be drawn by Alex Ross, Joe Jusko and J. Scott Campbell.

While "Project Superpowers" Volume Two will draw to a close soon with issue twelve, Rybandt said there will be another volume of the main series so fans need not despair for long.

In "Green Hornet" news, one fan asked if all of the Green Hornet books are in the same universe to which editor Joseph Rybandt said "Yes and no." He went on to describe that "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet," based on Smith's original screenplay, was always seen as a self-contained and distinct universe from the other "Green Hornet" titles.

Asked about crossovers into other universes such as those of Marvel and DC, Rybandt said, "We are always open." The editor also let it be known that there is another "Army of Darkness" crossover coming soon.

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's "The Boys" will see Russ Braun take over art duties for the main book while Robertson works on the "Butcher" miniseries. There will also be a six-issue miniseries focusing on breakout character Wee Hughie entitled "Highland Laddie" that will feature art by John McCrea.

Last but not least, Dynamite announced that they will publish a new series called "Kirby Genesis" based on characters created by the late Jack Kirby. "Kirby Genesis" will be written by Kurt Busiek with art by Alex Ross. The series is currently unscheduled but Dynamite hopes to have it on shelves some time in 2011.

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