CCI: Doctor Strange's Appearing Act

The world premier of Marvel's newest animated feature, "Doctor Strange" was shown at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday night.

Hosted by Marvel's senior VP of creative development animation, Craig Kyle, hundreds of convention goers attended the exclusive screening of the movie before getting a chance to participate in a Q&A with writer Greg Johnson and director Frank Paur.

"I loved starting out with a guy that you just really don't like for a lot of reasons and then finding out why he's unlikable," Johnson said. "That kind of a journey, no matter what character you're talking about, you have to root for them."

"It's a very usual thing to be able to deal with such tone and substance in a cartoon that deal with very adult and tragic events," Paur said.

Moving on to what projects they might do next, Kyle, Johnson, and Paur were very adamant that there was no set list of characters on their way to the animated world. For characters they'd like to see given a shot at their own movie, Johnson mentioned Gambit as a character he'd like to explore and Paur set his sights below sea level to Namor.

"I think the Sub-Mariner would be a wonderful thing to play with. Especially exploring the wonderful world he comes from."

When asked if the movies could ever branch into an ongoing animated series, the panelists said that as long as there are fans that want them, the potential is always there.

"I'll have a job if we do it, so I hope so," Kyle said.

The Doctor Strange movie itself was positively received in the convention hall, generating praise from both a young first-time con attendee and an actual medical doctor who has followed the character since his first days. Credit was given to Johnson and Paur for holding the Q&A until after the screening instead of before the movie played, showing confidence in their work.

The final question of the night asked about what possible influence the 1978 television movie version of Doctor Strange might have had on the new feature.

"I'd successfully pushed that out of my mind until somebody brought it to my attention just now, thank you," Paur said.

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