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The DC Nation panel Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego found Executive Editor Dan DiDidio and a panel of DC's top talent including Story Editor Ian Sattler, Shane Davis, James Robinson, Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, and VP-Sales Bob Wayne answering fan questions and discussing favorite moments from Batman, Superman, and Blackest Night.

Dan DiDio began the panel by introducing his "assistants," women dressed as Liberty Belle and Star Girl.

DiDio looked for Red Lanterns full of Rage. "What's raging you, sir?" "Those long lines!" the fan shouted. Other answers included homework, my mom, and Twilight. DiDio gave the first respondant the Red Lantern shirt off his back. For his next Orange Lantern shirt, a fan immediately shouted "I want that shirt!" for the win. The next was a yellow shirt, which a fan won by shouting "I'm afraid you don't have another shirt on underneath!" DiDio continued to strip off through the series of Lantern tees.

DiDio then opened the floor for comments about Blackest Night. A fan shouted he was excited for Aquaman's return. "He's really scary," Geoff Johns said.

Next was applause for the Superman books. Fans said they liked the realistic characterization and ties to the Legion. Robinson spoke about the August-beginning arc, "Mon-el, Man of Valor," which will see major changes for the character, including a new look.

"Anybody reading Batman?" DiDio asked next. "Damian being an ass" was the first shout-out for best bits. "I have the story plotted where he gets curb-stomped," Rucka joked.

Robinson said "you'll see a lot more of Congo Bill, don't worry," once the Justice League session began. "Originally, [Cry for Justice] was just a miniseries and it evolved and evolved. Issues 5, 6, and 7 have major ramifications for these heroes and America." He reiterated that it would continue into his upcoming JLA run.

The floor was then opened to questions.

Young Justice-type series? DiDio said that they are focusing more on new ideas like the multi-colored Lanterns, and the twenty-something characters that represent the next generation are more of focus than Young Justice-age characters, which DiDio referred to as "pre-Teen Titans."

DiDio said there are no plans for an Aquaman series at this time.

After a fan complained about Batman RIP, Robinson said "I think that's one of the greatest Batman series that's ever been done."

The same fan also disliked "Final Crisis," which led DiDio to say that he had heard and understands complaints, but didn't understand why fans were focused on what was done three or four years ago. "We see where things might've gone better, and we see things we can build upon."

A fan in a Northstar costume decided to "give something back" to DC by performing a strange dance. He then asked the panel to say "why you like Wonder Woman."

"You try to put us on the spot, and I'm going to give you a real answer. I like the Warrior aspect, I like that she interacts with our world than the Amazon." Skipping ahead, Johns offered, "I like her magic lasso."

"The bottom line on 'Detective Comics,' it is one of the most beautiful comics that's ever been created," DiDio said when asked about love for 'Tec.

The next question was about Ambush Bug #6, which had fallen off the schedule. "It's my fault, I let it fall through the cracks," DiDio said, after explaining that a few small changes were needed and DC had given Giffen a full schedule. DiDio said it should be in stores in a couple months.

Is Batman trapped in cave times real or metaphorical? "It's entirely real."

How does blue sunlight affect Kryptonians? "It gives them new powers," Johns said. "Did you just make that up?" Sattler laughed. "It's in the cartoon."

No plans for "Absolute Dark Victory," but there will be "Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth," Bob Wayne said. If Rebirth is successful, there may be an "Absolute Sinestro Corps War."

With Trigon removed, what is Raven good for? "Raven is going to be very important in Teen Titans soon," DiDio said.

"The entire storyline's in the Flash Museum" in Flash Rebirth #1, Johns said of his choice of props shown.

A fan wanted DC to stop leaving issues out of its trade paperbacks and hardcovers. Bob Wayne asked for applause to see who would prefer this and who would prefer issues left out "if it makes a stronger book with a beginning, middle, and end." The former won out. "I will take that information and use it in whatever way I want," Wayne said.

Asked who fans wanted to see return as a Black Lantern, someone shouted "Jesus," much to Greg Rucka's amusement. Other suggestions included Jokester, Maxwell Lord, Vibe, and Steve Rogers. "Some kid told me he was dressing as Black Lantern Captain America tomorrow," Johns joked. The kid was in the audience. "If you get your picture done at the Marvel booth, bring proof," Rucka said.

With that, the panel wrapped up.

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