CCI, Day 4: Sunday Photo Parade

It's over. The long and exciting weekend that was Comic-Con International in San Diego has come to a conclusion. Below we present the final batch of pictures taken during the convention, with a handfull of left over pictures from Saturday. Enjoy.

second level for registration on Sunday afternoon.The Activision/Marvel boothAdam Shaw and Penny RegisterLadies. Hello.Those "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" weirdos.The Dark Knight & The Man Of SteelBen TemplesmithBret BlevinsSome dude wearing AOL CD-Roms as a cape."Major Damage's" Chris BaileyChris ClaremontAndy Diggle and JockDog. Hello, dog.Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale's next "spectrum" adventure, "Elfin Green/Elfin Gray"Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and HawkgirlEvery year we do this with Erik. We don't know why. Here's happy Erik Larsen......and here's sad Erik Larsen.Rebellion's Jamie Boardman and Frazer Irving"24: One Shot" writers Mark L Haynes and J.C. Vaughn.Jimmy PalmiottiDan Jolley and Eddie BerganzaDevil Due's Josh BlaylockIt's a Xena/Klingon sandwich!Very few conventions see this many women showing up in their lingerie.Mark McKenna and Mike McKone"Arteisa's" Mark SmylieMike NortonTed Naifeh and friend enjoy some CinnabonNate PiekosNeal AdamsNunzio DeFilipis and Christina WeirOur friends at Bill Cole EnterprisesBrandon Hanvey"Peanuts" represent at CCIOne of those nasty Ring Wraith'sThe Starbucks booth, handing out free frapucino's, was one of the more popular booths at the convention.CBR's very own Steven GrantSome "Bionicle" thingSome Blue Hero thingCatwoman (the good style) and Green LanternCobra CommanderAnother freaking GhostbusterLegolasPrincess LeiaLil' Klingon. No relation to Lil' Kim from what I hear.Yet more "Kill Bill" characters.Peace, dude.Robin HoodShe-Ra. Hello. Love you. The Comic Book Idol 2 class picture. Top Row (L-R): Jonah Weiland, Micah Gunnell, CBI 1 winner Patrick Scherberger, J. Torres, Augie De Blieck Jr., Joe Infurnari. Bottom Row: Billy Penn, CBI 2 winner Carlos Rodriguez, Larry Chy and Brandon HanveyJust a look at a crowd shot from CCI on Sunday afternoon.The line was HUGE for the "Sin City" panel on Saturday. Our own Hannibal Tabu was somewhere in the center of the line.And look how far it extended behind him. I guess when Jessica Alba shows up for a panel, the kids come to see.

CBR's Hannibal Tabu contributed pictures for this gallery.

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