CCI, Day 4: IDW Sets Date for Release of "Hyde"

Back in June, IDW Publishing noted that the Steve Niles written "Hyde" had been cancelled and would be resolicited with new artist Nick Stakal handling the art chores at some point in the future. Stakal replaced Aadi Salman. Today, IDW announced that the book is ready to go and will be available this October. The 48-page, full color book has also seen a slight increase in price from $6.99 to $7.49. CBR News caught up with Niles early last week to discuss the changed.

"Nick Stakel took the script that the other artist was unable to ever do any pages for and he finished it in like a month and a half," Niles told CBR News. "He really cranked! He's so good that I think if people like 'Hyde' there will be more. I'm really hoping people will be into it.

The beleaguered project has been in the planning stages for a long time. Back in October or 2003, Niles spoke with CBR News about the series.

Stakal is once again another artist found via the SteveNiles.com forums.

"I did a thing with him in 'Western Tales of Terror,' but I think that's the only thing that's been published so far. He's a new kid and he's great and I plan on doing a lot of stuff with him. I love working with these young artists who have all this enthusiasm. In five years they'll all be like the rest of us."

The story remains the same as planned originally, although Niles does plan to tweak the dialogue to suit Stakals pages.

"I like to do lettering scripts once I've seen the art, so now that we've changed artists I'll take a look at things," said Niles. "The story won't change, but the dialogue will have a slightly different flavor."

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