CCI, Day 3: One Letter, Many Surprises: Marvel talks all things "X"

So when you have the largest franchise in recent comic book history and you've successfully "reloaded" all the series with fresh creative teams, what's the next logical step?

Make it even bigger, of course.

Fans showed up in droves at this Comic-Con International panel to see what would be happening with all the mutants in the Marvel Comics universe, namely the X-Men, and fans weren't disappointed by the laughs and enthusiasm to be found. CBR News was in attendance, as were EIC Joe Quesada and many of the creative contributors to the X-Men family of comics.

Quesada started off by praising the team of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday on "Astonishing X-Men," calling it "one of the best books out there." The covers and appearance of the suave Cassaday drew a lot of applause from fans.

Marvel provided brief spotlights on it's X books, starting with "District X" and Quesada urged fans to try the book, calling it "one of the freshest X-Men books out there." "Exiles's" announcement got some laughter when Quesada asked where writer Tony Bedard was and he stood up from the audience to say "Hi." He also promised, "stick with me: the book is getting better and better." "Gambit" was touted as a back to basic book, with Gambit as a con man and hustler, with writer John Layman promising to deal with the popular Gambit & Rogue romance.

A few preview pages of Marvel's "Jubilee" series were shown and "Madrox," the Multiple Man series by Peter David, drew a lot of cheers. Quesada this is one of the titles that will tie into the Mutant Town shown in "District X." When writer Sean McKeever talked about "Mystique," he jokingly promised, "For every issue of 'Mystique' that you buy, Joe Quesada will draw another panel of 'Daredevil Father.'" Artist Michael Ryan will take over "New X-Men" after issue #5.

The huge announcement is that former-"X-Force" scribe Peter Milligan will be the writer of "X-Men" after Chuck Austen's departure in November, with Milligan's first issue in December along with artist Salvador Larroca. Milligan's face was shown with a teaser image of the original X-Men series logo. Check out our friends at Newsarama who have an exclusive interview with Milligan.

"Wolverine" we see with a back to costume approach, as artist John Romita Jr. told CBR News earlier this week on CBR.

The fan favorite "Age Of Apocalypse" story will hit its ten-year anniversary next year and Marvel said there will be something to commemorate that anniversary. When asked if Jean Grey will stay dead, Quesada jokingly agreed with fans that she always does. Claremont was asked if Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch would return, he said, "Given where their parental unit [Magneto, appearing in pages of 'Excalibur'] is, I'd say anything is possible." Northstar will also be appearing in the pages of "New X-Men" sometime in the near future. The next Marvel Press novel will be a Weapon X book that takes the perspective of the scientists and also goes inside Logan's head. Claremont said that while it does seem there are two Magnetos mentioned in "Excalibur," the writer repeated "there is only one Magneto."

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