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CCI, Day 3: Image Comics Panel

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CCI, Day 3: Image Comics Panel

It was Image’s moment in the sun as they hosted their own panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Moderated by Jim Demonakos, Image’s PR & Marketing Co-Coordinator (“This will be the best panel you ever attend,” he said), in attendance were Erik Larsen, C.B Cebulski, Robert Kirkman, Joe Casey, Rick Remender & Steve Niles.

The slideshow began with “The Wizard of Oz,” a fully painted 96 page graphic novel, by Enrique Fernandez and David Chaurel shipping in December and originally published in France

Next was Rick Remender’s “Fear Agent,” which he joked would include a “breakdancing robot.” You’ll also see some real special artists contribute variant covers in the future.

Image Comics also announced “Gear,” and you can read all about it in this article.

While talking about “The Walking Dead,” Kirkman and Casey joked with each other, Kirkman saying, “I don’t like Joe Casey without the sunglasses. Put them back on,”

Kirkam also expressed a desire to keep “The Walking Dead” going till issue #500 and called it, “The zombie book that never ends.” He promised that the series would be back on track shortly, referring to the slow publishing schedule of late..

Next was “Godland,” which returns in October. “We’ve been taking handfuls of drugs and we’re ready to rock again,” Casey said. Issue #13 will have two covers, one by Tom Scioli and another by the team of Keith Giffen & Eric Larsen.

Former Marvel editor C.B Cebulski has a couple of new series announced at the show, which he spoke with CBR News about right here.

Joe Casey’s a busy man these days, but has added “Charlatan Ball,” and “Nixon’s Pals” to his current publishing plans. Click on each title to read CBR’s interview with Casey.

In November, a new OGN called “Scribbler” will ship, about a woman with multiple personality disorder, but also living in a future where multiple personalities can be removed. When she is left with only one personality, she realizes that it may not be the one she wants.

In Rick Remender’s “Red Sea,” expect some major deaths. “We see a lot of catastrophe happen,” said Remember.

When the cover for the new “Bomb Queen” was shown, with the titular heroine revealing quite a lot of cleavage, Casey exclaimed, “Holy Schnolies.” The issue introduces a new man into Bomb Queen’s life, and Casey quipped, “Will he get lost in her breasts?”

The slide for the currently being published “The Last Christmas” drew tons of applause, depicting Santa Claus with gun. What’s it about? After the Apocalypse, Earth is overrun by zombies and marauders, and with Mrs. Claus very ill, Santa “goes on a drinking binge,” according to Demonakos, “to snuff out the pain.” Santa tries to kill himself but finds he can’t, because one little boy still believes in him, causing Santa to seek out the boy (with large gun in hand presumably). Santa comes to be inspired by the boy and decides to go save the world. Don’t worry, Image says, as this will still be the “good” Santa and he won’t be too cynical or twisted. More on the series can be found here/

David Hine’s “Strange Embrace” will be reprinted in an 8-issue mini-series, in color for the first time and featuring new lettering.

“Invincible” will see the return of a villain from issue #18 in issue #38, as he was stranded on Mars and now has a fleet to use to invade Earth for revenge. The two-part “Handbook To The Invincible Universe” will be in stores later this year, with each 48 page issue featuring a bevy of famous artists, from Ed McGuiness to Herp Trimpe to Sal Buscema. And “literally hundreds of guys,” said Kirkman. If you heard about the challenge that Robert Kirkman issued to Todd McFarlane, keep an eye open for our Todd McFarlane panel report.

“Zombee,” a new OGN from Miles Gunter & Victor Santos follow a crazy monk and ninja who team up to stop zombies from taking over. Duncan Rouleau’s “Nightmarist” will be released as a seven issue mini-series in full color by Rouleau. There will also be a collection of Kirkman’s “Brit” in full color and coming in January.

When the slide for “Strange Girl” was shown, writer Rick Remender called it, “pretty much my favorite book I write,” saying it was his love letter to the Vertigo comics of the nineties.

Niles talked briefly about “The Tripper,” which is based on the upcoming film by David Arquette, and follows some hippies heading to a concert for the week, but finding that they’re being stalked by a killer. His other project, “Cryptics” is a combination of his love for “Peanuts” and monsters. He’s also got “Long Pig” in the works, with art by Nat Jones, about a family who gets stranded with bizarre outsiders, who have been segregated from society, and get embroiled in a murder mystery.

“Meltdown” is a new prestige format comic about a hero called the Flare who, quite literally, finds his life burning down around him. It will have a cover by Chris Bachalo and features the talent of David Schwartz and Sean Wang.

While fans love the $1.99 format of “Fell” and “Casanova,” there aren’t any more series of that format on the schedule. That said, Demonakos added, “Inevitably there will be.”

Finally, a fan asked if “Small Gods” will return. “It’s a question if they want to do it,” said Larsen. “The creators do have a passion for it, so we’re hoping they’ll be able to come back and do another one shot even.”

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