CCI, Day 3: DC Next - DC/Humanoids talk '04 '05 plans

While it may not be a well-known DC partnership yet, at Comic-Con International in San Diego DC Comics & Humanoids made it very clear that they're here to make a partnership. CBR News attended the Saturday afternoon panel which saw in attendance Paul Benjamin, Bob Wayne, Chuck Austen, Terry Dodson, Geoff Johns, and Jamal Igle.

The panel began with a recap of Humanoids' history, explaining how it all began in the French magazine "Metal Hurlant" in the seventies and their progression towards the orignal graphic novel (OGN) format. With the change in the size from their oversized "album" format in Europe, where the company is huge, fans can now get three albums for $15.00 instead of the one that would buy you in Europe. The books will still be wider than normal American OGNs and none of the nudity will be covered. "Nudity is fine with us," laughed Wayne.

Here's a brief rundown of the books announced: "Bouncer," a western about a one armed gun slinger; "Metabarons," already popular in America and about the strongest warrior in the galaxy, who gains that title by killing his father; "By The Numbers," about a man highjacked before the Vietnam War and get involved in illicit activities; "White Lama," about a white boy who is the reincarnation of the Lama, a sort of mystical martial arts adventured; "The Trigs," but called "Aftermath" in the U.S and details the savior of humanity being forgotten when his friends start being murdered; "Technopriests," about a young boy who creates video games in a world where he has to save people from the mind control powers of video games; "Freddie Lombard," an adult version of "Tintin," "Giuseppe Bergman," an adventure series by Milo Manara; both "Beast Trilogy" and "Nikopol Trilogy" by Enki Bilal; "Trans Genesis 2029" in which a highly religious organization takes over the country; "I Am Legion," with art by John Cassaday and a story by Fabien Nuri, which will be released in prestige format; "Son Of A Gun," an Oedipus tale set in present day Mexico in which a boy is abandoned by his parents, grows up to kill his father and sleeps with his mother.

The big announcement was that many American DC Comics creators will be working on Humanoids projects. "Olympus" is written by "The Possessed" creators Kris Krimminger & Geoff Johns, with illustrations by 3 year exclusive Humanoids artist Butch Guice, announced during the panel. The story details a group of archeologists who fight monsters from Greek myth. Johns said his love for Humanoids came out of a short story in "Metal Hurlant" that he did a year ago.

"Redhand" will be written by Kurt Busiek and tells the story of a barbarian in the future where gods rule everything, but one man is immune to his power.

Artist CrissCross is working on a series called "Embalmer," exploring the work of a man who prepares the dead to be mummified and is called by the Pharoh to investigate some deaths.

Chuck Austen is writing "Flywires," a personal project that is about a detective who is fired from the police after he is disconnected from the universal communication s ystem, The Flywire. When he is assigned to protect a little boy, his life changes and Austen said he feels Humanoids let him do projects that American publisher would never pick up.

Artist Terry Dodson is hard at work on a project originally titled "Coraline," now jokingly known as "Formerly Known As Coraline." A beautiful woman becomes a nanny for a young boy who is a scientific genius but spends no time on boyish things. The woman brings the boy out of this and Benjamin said the series is a "sexy romp."

Artist Jamal Igle will be inking all his pencils for the first time on "Army Of Angels" where a detective is killed and brought back to life only to learn that there's a war on Earth between good and bad angels, with humans are the collateral.

While many of these books are planned for release in Europe first, Benjamin says there is a possibility we'll see some books released simultaneously or first in America.

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