CCI, Day 3: DC Comics Gets "One Year Greater"

Dan Didio hosted the "One Year Greater" panel Saturday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

"Lets start with ladies first, no, not you, Mark," joked Didio to writer Mark Waid. The panel included Gail Simone, "one quarter of 52," Mark Waid, "eight soldier of victory," Grant Morrison, "he's animated like no one else and Batman's new detective," Paul Dini, "the man who put the pact in the shadows," Bill Willingham, "he's not the outsider to the DCU," Judd Winick, "we know this guy's identity," Brad Meltzer, "our very own Teen Titan and Green Lantern," Geoff Johns, Kurt Busiek, Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo, Terry Dodson, Ivan Reis, and Paul Levitz.

The panel was a Q&A format and Didio challenged fans to get Meltzer to reveal five members of the JLA. "Not a chance," joked Meltzer.

When will Cassandra Cain, the former Batgirl, be "fixed?" Didio asked Winick what he'd do with two assassins as a parent. "Join the JLA," laughed Winick.

What about the discrepancy in Nightwing's behavior? Winick said that real people act differently around other people, and said he doesn't think Nightwing likes his team members very much, so he'll act differently in "Outsiders."

Dini's future work? "Gotta keep it secret for now," said the writer. He will be doing a "Black Canary/Zatanna" hardcover with art by Amanda Conner, he later admitted.

Why isn't Nightwing dead? Thank Paul Levitz. "He's a great guy. He deserves the chicks," Simone said of Nightwing.

Levitz announced a new series of direct to video animation movies, said Levitz.

"We want to tell some of the story and characters bits that are important to you," said Levitz, adding that Dini will hopefully be involved in the future animation project.

"DC: New Frontier" will be adapted into an animated film, with series author/artist Darwyn Cooke writing the story. The next animated project is "Superman/Doomsday," not a direct adaptation of the death of Superman story, as Levitz joked it would be 83 hours long. It's adapted with direction by Bruce Timm and written by "The Batman's" Duane Capizzi. Then there's "New Teen Titans: Judas Contract," with writing by Marv Wolfman, legendary Titans writer, and Tom DiSanto, who has worked on the X-Men films, as co-writer and co-producer. George Perez will also contribute. The films will be in a comic books style and not fitting the Timm, "Legion" or " Teen Titans" styles, or any other animation styles. These films will be very true to the comics in all aspects.

"That's just the start," said Levitz. He took suggestions from fans for future projects, and they mentioned "Kingdom Come" and other big projects. The mention of "Great Darkness Saga," a classic story by Levitz, prompted the publisher to say that he's already written a book this year ("JSA"), and jokingly added he's earned some time off. "What's the absolute best thing we can lead off with," is the philosophy driving Levitz, and encourages fan suggestions. Don't look for Vertigo or Wildstorm projects adapted quite yet, though Levitz didn't discount the possibility.

Johns' thoughts on the Detroit Justice League, since he's from Michigan? "They were my favorite League because they lived near me. But who's Vibe?" he joked.

DC acknowledged "Wonder Woman's" delays and said that writer Allan Heinberg is taking extra care to make the best Wonder Woman story he can write.

Heels or no heels on Wonder Woman? "She wears specially padded boots," said Dodson, artist on "Wonder Woman."

Didio reiterated that he's proud of the increasing diversity in DCU, but that he isn't interested in tokenism. Each of the characters will have their own unique identity apart from the aspects that make them minorities or different from the norm.

"All Star Wonder Woman" or not? The crowd seemed very interested and Didio teased Adam Hughes' involvement with the book.

Teen Titans East? That'll come up in "Teen Titans" #42 said Johns.

Didio asked for secrets from every creator to be revealed.

Simone said, "We might see the Bids Of Prey meet with the Secret Six."

Waid hinted at Supergirl returning to Krypton.

Morrison offered the "Secret Origin Of Batmite."

Winick is always asked who he will kill, bring back and turn gay, so he joked that it was "Red Tornado" in all three categories.

Lana Lang vs. Insect Queen, joked Busiek.

The JLA/JSA crossover will feature a third team (who might be the All-Star Squadron).

In the third issue of "Wonder Woman," there's a new Wonder Woman who isn't Donna or Diana.

In "Firestorm," Mikhail will be coming back, which should please '80s fans.

Greg Rucka sent the message that he wants to write The Question forever.

Reis was about to reveal a "Green Lantern" secret, and kept asking Johns for permission, but was denied.

Issue #43 of "Teen Titans" will bring three new members to the team, including Raven and Inertia (who may be causing problems in "Flash").

All the issues of "Detective Comics" may not be as stand alone as we all think.

Willingham said that in "Shadowpact," Blue Devil will get a promotion (not from the 'Pact') and start rhyming and Detective Chimp will prove that Batman is only the greatest human detective.

Morrison said there will be very unfunny animals in "52."

"The real Batman is going to come out in a different way," teased Morrison when a fan said she didn't like Batman. "Bruce Wayne naked." We'll also see a story on why Nightwing, Robin, and others love Batman.

"We have definite plans and we can't tell you where [Krypto] is, because that would blow some of the secrets," said Busiek. Morrison added that Krypto would show up in "All Star Superman" #6.

Johns hinted that Meltzer and he are working on a crossover exploring the Thanagarian Hawkworld and perhaps getting back to the Thanagarian Hawkman.

Darwyn's Cooke's "Spirit" will be out in December.

Was there ever a Superboy?

"Superman did something when he was younger," said Busiek.

Why did some JLA people end up in "Atom?" Meltzer isn't saying much, beyond that there's a purpose behind it. He did say that Aquaman will be appearing in "JLA," as will Vixen, but wouldn't confirm they'd be members.

Ambush Bug is back in "52."

The panelists was asked about which character they'd like to kill, and most answered G'Nort, the infamous Green Lantern. Johns joked that he'd bring back G'Nort, but the other creators said they'd just kill him again.

Aquman will be getting lots of respect from the people at DC.

Are Elseworlds stories coming back? "We don't need alternate realities. We've got a great reality going on in the comics," contended Didio.

Asked about a continuity "error" in "Shadowpact" where Superman is flying, when he was depowered at the time, the panelists joked, "Superboy punched the walls ..." referencing the moment from "Infinite Crisis." Willingham says to stick with him and the "error" will be resolved.

Johns and Willingham will crossover "Teen Titans" and "Shadowpact," since they have Kid Devil and Blue Devil in their respective books, and right there, at that moment, the creators agreed to the crossover.

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