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CCI, Day 3 – CBR Photo Parade

by  in Comic News Comment
CCI, Day 3 – CBR Photo Parade

The most insane day on the floor at Comic-Con International is always Saturday and this year was no exception. The floor was packed most everywhere you went, with the Lucasarts pavilion seemingly the most jammed-up location on the convention floor. While in years past that meant sections of the convention floor were surprisingly hot, this year the airflow seemed to have improved greatly. In fact, if you found yourself at the far end of the convention center, near the Art Auction, you could actually feel quite cold; a welcome change compared to previous years.

In today’s photo parade, you’ll find a noticable lack of traditional Stormtroopers. Now, there is a pic of the Samurai Stormtrooper because he’s just cool, but none of the others. I decided on Saturday morning to invoke a Stormtrooper moratorium. For the most part, if you’ve seen one Stormtrooper, you’ve seen them all. You know, I could just include some Stormtrooper snapshots from last year and most of you wouldn’t know the difference. Hmmm …

Honestly, there were so many costumed people to take photos of today that I had to finally say stop! I’d snap one shot, turn around and see someone else and once I had finished taking that shot there’d be another. It got ridiculous a number of times. This ain’t worth getting dizzy over! There was one I missed, though, that I really wanted — the guy dressed up as The Question. I saw him from afar while I was in a meeting and couldn’t excuse myself to chase after him. Nice-looking costume.

Now, some of you know I’m from Los Angeles, the land of fake this/fake that, beautiful beaches and celebrity. It’s absolutely not unusual for you to run into a star or two once a month, if not more often, in Los Angeles. Comic-Con International is like living in Los Angeles for two years, but compressed into four days. The number of stars at CCI Saturday was frankly amazing. Some of the ones I saw randomly were Maggie Grace (“Lost”) signing at Dark Horse, Gene Simmons walking the con floor, Joss Whedon walking around, Seth Green and Tom Jane. Of course, there were many, many more up on panels throughout the day. Now, some say all this star power at CCI is a distraction from the world of comics, but if you’re someone who really wants to meet some TV and film stars, clearly CCI is the place to be.

OK, that’s all. It’s terribly late and I must be getting to sleep at some point. Still much to do. You can expect the next photo parade to hit during the upcoming Wizard World Chicago.

Crap, I lied. There’s one traditional Stormtrooper included in this photo parade, but that’s it. Winner of the award for most inappropriate t-shirt of the day, this lady has a Masters in Philosphy from MIT, enjoys long walks on the beach and boasts that in her lifetime she’s eaten four goats … live!
Furious and hardcore Pokemon gaming action. The “Freshmen” team. In the back is Andrew Peopy and from left to right it’s Leonard Kirk, Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov.
I asked these kids when the next Harry Potter book was due.

“Are you crazy?” was actually one of their responses. Cracked me up.

All right, some cool make-up work here.
Catwoman. Batman. The back of some chick’s hair. At 1:00 Saturday IDW held a mass signing and the masses came over.
Christopher E. Long (“Dude, the camera is over here. Over here!”) Nick Stakal When Kieron Dwyer gives Rick Rememnder a nipple swirl, apparently his face goes all blurry, while Matt Fraction is perfectly in focus.
Alex Di Campi & Chuck BB & Hector Casanova
Ashely Wood and Ben Templesmith Dan Wickline behind Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith
Peter David and J.K. Woodward Really, not kidding here, the guy playing Batman talked like Adam West. Freaky!
Two very depressed-looking Jedi. Some great costumes and some dude’s arm. Jagoff.
Low Rent Spidey One of my favorite pictures of the day because it just worked, David Lloyd and Karen Gerber
Jill Thomspon and Brian Azzarello Jill Thompson and Brian Azzarello, with tongue. (Sorry for the much blurry, but it was too fun of a photo not to publish)
“Hi!” Andy Runton
Top Shelf’s Chris Starros and “The Surrogates” Robert Venditti Now it’s Brett Weldele and Robert Venditti. Notice how Robert’s look is eerily similar to the first photo? Creepy!
It’s “I’m About To Pass Out” Storm. Evil Homer was a big hit at the con.
“Ravenous” creator Dawn Brown High Rent Spidey and Mary Jane … with Evil Homer creeping around the background!
I do like me a good blue bodice. OK, look, I know Jedis are a serious folk and all, but do they have to look so bored? C’mon, break it down Sam Jackson style!
Samurai Warrior Guy. Sorry, no way to make this caption more interesting. I bet each one of these girls could kick my ass!
Those “Bad Planet” guys Thomas Jane, Steve Niles and Tim Bradstreet Erik Larsen and CBR’s own Augie De Blieck Jr.
See, at least the Sith know how to party. Jeremy Haun
Colorist Russ Lowery and “Hero Camp’s” Greg Thompson Anina Bennett
The Sith bring their game face. The Jedi bring their lame face. Go Sith! I dunno.
Nunzio Defilippis and Christina Weir Sean Murphy and Chris Mitten
Matthew Clark sketches for a fan The heroes assemble outside the DC booth. This goon takes pictures of them.
Fsc and Serena Valentino A bored Zelda dude (I think). Or maybe he’s a Jedi.
Cave girl. Or is it more appropriate to call her cave person? “Rocketo’s” Frank Espinoza
Sho Murase I haven’t used this caption yet, so … Hello Ladays!
Dig that John Stewart costume. Not the one from the Daily Show, clearly. Gene Simmons, who wouldn’t stop for fear of causing a fire or something and since I didn’t have my flash on, we get blurry Gene Simmons.
OHHH, I get to use it again … Hello Ladays! Gary Phillips
Eric J & Ben Raab EA gives gamers something to do at the con.
OK, so moments before I snapped this chicks photo she was … … riding the back of some dude strumming her guitar. You never know what you’ll see at CCI.
OK, this guy was just awesome. Roaming the con floor in full character and creppy as all hell. When I asked to take his picture, he went into this pose and his mouth opened wide. At that moment a young kid walking by with his mom literally cried out, “Mommy!” Poor kid. Scarred for life at CCI!. The lovely Snow White. Moments after I snapped this pic, a 14-year old or so kid came up to her and said, “You know, if Snow White were like real and stuff, she’d be just like you.” I bet he hopes that’s the case!
I’ve seen this lady at the con before. Probably something. You guys helped me out yesterday, wanna give it another go today?
Mike Mignola I seriously can’t use the “hey, ladays” line again. Wait, I just did! Eat it!
More costumes. I need more costumes! The SciFi booth was just … bizarre.
Dreamworks came out, had some stuff about some robots that can transform or something. The Lucasarts pavilion, this being only a small section of it, was a hub of activity.
Work it. Because everyone needs to build their own life-sized Darth Vader.
“Lost’s” Maggie Grace signs for a fan at the Dark Horse booth. “Living In Infamy’s” Deric A Hughes and Ben Raab
Duncan Rouleau and Joe Casey Richard Isanove and Richard Starkings
David A. Williams and Sandy Collora Ahhh, Samurai Stormtrooper!
Those “Supernatural Law” folk Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada The Ultra Creepy Willy Wonka
Sally OK, if you recall back when “Batman Begins” came out, we ran some photos from the Batmobile’s appearance at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The guy on the left was there, too! He gets around.
Karaoke at the Speakeasy Booth “The Gatesville Company’s” Partick McEvoy
And that brings an end to the CCI Photo Parade for Day 3.

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