CCI Day 3: "Aliens vs. Predator" Takes It From The Top

Actors Sanaa Lathan and Lance Henriksen were on hand with stuntman Tom Woodruff Jr., and Al Guilless at Comic-Con International in San Diego to talk about the upcoming action film. They showed three exclusive clips from the film, including the first look at the combat (a scene which took six weeks of first unit photography and eight weeks with a second unit).

Most of the talk was of a technical nature, outlining the differences in having two people inside a suit so the Alien Queen could move her arms in 1985 versus a fourteen and a half foot tall fully animatronic Alien Queen today, including an on-board computer that can pre-program and reproduce variety of movements.

Bringing the Predator to life in the up close shots, seven foot one former NBA player Ian White stepped into the massive suit, which boasts updated weaponry including expanded arm blades and better detailed costumes.

One of the panelists let word slip about a sequel, ("We hope Ian can come back for the sequel") but because of an extended panel beforehand with Sarah Michelle Gellar, they were shepherded off stage before fans could question them on it.

Lathan talked about the grueling physical nature of the shoot, and Henriksen was enthusiastic about returning to the franchise.

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