CCI, Day 3 & 4: CBR Photo Parade

Wow, that was some show.

I'm still gathering my thoughts on Comic-Con International's 2006 show. This was an exciting show. The crowds were massive. The presentations were amazing. The exhibitors were varied and plentiful. Pretty much all facets of pop culture and genre entertainment were represented at this show. The diversity of the crowd - both in terms of race and sex - was amazing.

This show was unlike any other I've ever attended. Where else can you see video and the cast of "Spider-Man 3" and also see a discussion between Gotham Chopra and Grant Morrison? Where else can you see Snoop Dogg on a panel and Robert Kirkman challenge Todd McFarlane? And despite all the big news that came out of the show, like confirmation of Richard Donner as co-writer of "Action Comics", Nicolas Cage and Son writing a comic together, Jeph Loeb writing "Wolverine" with artist Simone Bianchi, Brian Bendis writing "Mighty Avengers," Stephen Colbert's "Tek Janson" or any of the many, many news announcements made at the show, to me the biggest news was Comic-Con having to halt ticket sales at noon on Saturday because too many people wanted in! The convention avoided a shut down by the fire marshall - a scenario that plagued two shows earlier this year - but still had to turn away people who wanted to buy new passes. Obviously no one wants that, but it just goes to show that Comic-Con International is the show to exhibit at and attend. No other show in the United States comes close to attracting this sort of line-up, size of audience or coverage. I've been going to this show for 15 years and remember when it could barely fill halls A & B. Now it fills halls A through H and clearly needs more room. It still amazes me.

Oh, you say, "Jonah, enough with the yack yack, get to the photos." Allright, fine. These are a little late because time just became short on Saturday night, but here are photos from Saturday and Sunday at the show. Despite the fact I had very limited time on the actual show floor, I think there's a lot of fun stuff in here you'll enjoy. Plus, over the next couple of days as we play catch-up by posting additional panels and interviews conducted at the show (including some podcasts and videos you're gonna go nuts for), we'll also have an additional photo parade from photos taken by the CBR Crew in San Diego. Lots more fun stuff to come. Let's put it this way - 4.5 days is barely enough time to take in all of San Diego. 4.5 days is not even enough time to share everything we covered in San Diego.

Before I let you guys go, I wanted to note that we've been back filing some stories during the convention, so don't forget to check out our Comic-Con International News Index. We'll be updating it throughout the week, too, as we add CCI Xtra stories and other fun stuff.

OK, onto the photoy goodness. And don't miss the preview night, day 1 and day 2 photo parades.

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