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CCI, Day 3 & 4: CBR Photo Parade

by  in Comic News Comment
CCI, Day 3 & 4: CBR Photo Parade

Wow, that was some show.

I’m still gathering my thoughts on Comic-Con International’s 2006 show. This was an exciting show. The crowds were massive. The presentations were amazing. The exhibitors were varied and plentiful. Pretty much all facets of pop culture and genre entertainment were represented at this show. The diversity of the crowd – both in terms of race and sex – was amazing.

This show was unlike any other I’ve ever attended. Where else can you see video and the cast of “Spider-Man 3” and also see a discussion between Gotham Chopra and Grant Morrison? Where else can you see Snoop Dogg on a panel and Robert Kirkman challenge Todd McFarlane? And despite all the big news that came out of the show, like confirmation of Richard Donner as co-writer of “Action Comics”, Nicolas Cage and Son writing a comic together, Jeph Loeb writing “Wolverine” with artist Simone Bianchi, Brian Bendis writing “Mighty Avengers,” Stephen Colbert’s “Tek Janson” or any of the many, many news announcements made at the show, to me the biggest news was Comic-Con having to halt ticket sales at noon on Saturday because too many people wanted in! The convention avoided a shut down by the fire marshall – a scenario that plagued two shows earlier this year – but still had to turn away people who wanted to buy new passes. Obviously no one wants that, but it just goes to show that Comic-Con International is the show to exhibit at and attend. No other show in the United States comes close to attracting this sort of line-up, size of audience or coverage. I’ve been going to this show for 15 years and remember when it could barely fill halls A & B. Now it fills halls A through H and clearly needs more room. It still amazes me.

Oh, you say, “Jonah, enough with the yack yack, get to the photos.” Allright, fine. These are a little late because time just became short on Saturday night, but here are photos from Saturday and Sunday at the show. Despite the fact I had very limited time on the actual show floor, I think there’s a lot of fun stuff in here you’ll enjoy. Plus, over the next couple of days as we play catch-up by posting additional panels and interviews conducted at the show (including some podcasts and videos you’re gonna go nuts for), we’ll also have an additional photo parade from photos taken by the CBR Crew in San Diego. Lots more fun stuff to come. Let’s put it this way – 4.5 days is barely enough time to take in all of San Diego. 4.5 days is not even enough time to share everything we covered in San Diego.

Before I let you guys go, I wanted to note that we’ve been back filing some stories during the convention, so don’t forget to check out our Comic-Con International News Index. We’ll be updating it throughout the week, too, as we add CCI Xtra stories and other fun stuff.

OK, onto the photoy goodness. And don’t miss the preview night, day 1 and day 2 photo parades.

Monarch and Dr Girlfriend from the Venture Bros. on Adult Swim. “This is my BOOM stick!” [Note to self: light must be in front of the subject. Light in front.]
Frank Miller signs a copy of “300” at a press conference. Gianni Nunari and Mark Canton, producers on “300.”
“300” Director Zack Snyder Galactus
Check out the crowd Saturday afternoon. This is the lobby of hall G. Insane. Greg Pak and Aaron Lopresti sign at the Marvel booth.
Quentin Tarantino showed up on Saturday… … as did the entire “Grindhouse” team.
The Spike TV booth has spinny things. Pretty sweet Borg costume.
Pirates ruled the weekend. The day before I saw this lady in a great Poison Ivy costume, but unfortunately she got away.
Blue, elfin/fairy thing poses with a con attendee The most disturbing Supergirl I’ve ever seen. Holy crap! I’m freaked out for life.
The guy says he’s some dude from “World of Warcraft.” I say you’re a guy wearing a Reanaissance Faire costume with silver paint on your face. Ladies. Touching. Love it.
All sorts of gothy goodness here. I seriously think this guy peered into my brain when I took this picture.
Having fun at the show. A fine Lara Croft and, well, uhh, so scared. Fear making me shiver. Making me cold. I’m dying inside.
George R.R. Martin signs at the Avatar booth. Paul Harmon
Frank Espinosa M. Zachary Sherman
David Mack Robert Kirkman — media darling!
Tony Moore Erin Gray and Nichelle Nichols
Could he look less enthused? I think I’ve seen this chick at the con before. She freaked me out then, too.
Why the hell are you saluting me? I’m not your commanding officer! Lego SpongeBob SquarePants has a rather, well, interersting nose.
Land shark. Rorschach
The slave girl Princess Leia is the costume I encourage the most. The Flash
A look at the con center from the 14th floor mid-afternoon on Saturday Mario dude and some blue thing.
Nicolas Cage addresses the press. Mark Steven Johnson, Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes
Mark Steven Johnson, Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes and some press dudes getting in the way. Kirsten Dunst, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire.
Kirsten Dunst, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire. Kirsten Dunst
Sam Raimi Tobey Maguire
Thomas Hayden Churc, Bryce Dallas Howard and Topher Grace
Adi Granov’s head, a fan and Jon Favreau sign “Iron Man” movie posters at the Marvel booth. Did you catch the shot of Axel Alonso sliding into second during the charity softball game Thursday at the con? Well, this is what happens when you don’t have on proper attire! Ouch, Axel!
But no worries, Axel is all smiles. This woman told me she’s the host of some TV show where they talk about pop culture stuff and she’s topless. I need to see this show. What channel?
Star Wars people. Or something. I think this is Ming the Merciless and his daughter.
Mike Bullock and Paul Gutierrez Some great costumes here. I’ve seen the guy in the middle numerous times in the past at Comic-Con.
This guy is a classic. He’s got a golf bag filled with light sabers. Ande Parks
Chyna Clugston and Ian Shaughness. Those Men of Action, Joe Kelly and Joe Casey
Richard Starkings, Ladronn’s Eisner Award and J.G. Roshell Love these two. Although it would be even better if it was just her. Werd.
Virgin Comics’ Gotham Chopra and Sharad Devarajan These girls were walking around offering up free hugs. They offered me, but I felt it best to decline.
Toad from the Mario games. One of the weirdest cross-overs ever — Fairy Chick and scarred up Storm Trooper dude.
Jamie S. Rich, Chris Mitten and Antony Johnston sign at the Oni Press booth. Dammit, the aisle was not big enough for me to capture this guy in his entirety. Great costume.
So much weirdness going on here — Nightwing, Storm Trooper with Thor’s Hammer, Thor and Robin. Robin, what the hell are you doing down there? Avatar’s William Christensen with “Stargate” thing.
In reality, a rather short Batman.

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