CCI, Day 2: Niles Explores LA's Monster Sized Secrets in "Lurkers" this October

You know Steve Niles from his work on books like "30 Days of Night" and those other-worldly Cal MacDonald mysteries. In the case of Cal McDonald you've got a hard living, hard talking, hard everything kind of detective investigating the worst mayhem that bad monsters can muster. This October, Niles will present a different side of the hard-nosed detective story with "Lurkers" from IDW Publishing. The series was officially announced today during Comic-Con International in San Diego. This is the second in a series of stories by Niles published under the "Meednight Pulp" banner. The first was "Secret Skull."

Niles spoke with CBR News back in June, describing the series.

"'The Lurkers' is basically Cal McDonald in reverse," Niles told CBR News. "I always do these stories where it's like, 'Monsters exist! Yaaaay! Everybody knows it! They're all around us!' But in this, it's a world where monsters don't exist. It's based in Los Angeles and follows a homicide cop. The first story involves grave robbing. Fresh graves are being robbed and bodies are being eaten."

Niles provided CBR News with new preview pages from "Lurkers" artist Hector Casanova. Click the images to enlarge.

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