CCI Day 2: "Lady Death," the animated movie

Unstopped by two bankruptcy proceedings, creator Brian Pulido has brought his pale-skinned, sword-swinging creation back on the small screen.

The new project is going directly to DVD and will not be seen in theatres. It was clained that the way it was created would make theatre exhibition difficult. The DVD features two "making of" featurettes, including one in which Pulido shows how Lady Death once had "pointed ears" like an elf, which he pulled the plug on.

The film runs approximately 84 minutes, and had a budget of two million dollars. Pulido said that he struck a deal with Avatar which allowed him to buy back the character from beleaguered Florida publisher CrossGen, and an announcement was made saying that the new "medieval" Lady Death would return to comic store shelves, along side the "ultimate" version which fans came to know and love at Chaos Comics. Pulido also announced plans to recover the other characters and reincorporate them as well.

The panel was short on content and finished early, so a fifteen minute short horror film was shown to finish filling ip the time.

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