CCI, Day 2: "Family Guy"/"American Dad" Panel

After a hectic Thursday, the Comic-Con International in San Diego celebrated Friday with an onslaught of media presentations. The "Family Guy"/"American Dad" panel opened its doors to an anxious crowd that had been waiting outside the ballroom for more than an hour. The Stewie tattoo adorning the arm of a twentysomething blonde in the front row suggested the Fox animated characters have serious appeal to CCI attendees.

Co-Executive Producer David Goodman acknowledged he knew he wasn't the Executive Producer people were hoping to see, but Seth McFarlane was "probably getting laid." Goodman then introduced "Family Guy" and "American Dad" talents Steve Hely, Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, Chris McKenna, Dan Povenmire, Zac Moncrief, Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, Kirker Butler, and Michael Henry. Henry went on to entertain fans with a bit of voice work, including Cleveland, the Old Man, and the Greased Up Deaf Guy.

Goodman then had the panel run through a list of spoilers for "American Dad" and "Family Guy" episodes; both shows are returning for new seasons on September 10.

"American Dad" Spoilers:

  • Stan and Francine try to have another baby; at some point the story takes an odd turn and a Japanese vasectomy clinic enters the picture. It ends with a shootout in a sperm bank.
  • Stan tries to convince his friend that God exists, and eventually kills said friend.
  • Stan's boss (G.W. Bush) comes to dinner. Roger ends up helping Bush fall off the wagon.
  • Steve's obsession with video games leads him through the looking glass -- into a video game -- where we see events unfold from within.
  • Squirrels living in the backyard treehouse begin acting out scenes from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

"Family Guy" Spoilers:

  • There will be a road show: Road to Rupert. Rupert gets sold at garage sale. A certain Gene Kelly scene will feature Stewie's head in place of the famed mouse.
  • January boasts the episode, Barely Legal, in which Meg has no date for a dance. Brian goes with her, gets drunk, and then makes out with Meg at the dance. Meg remarks that she never knew how flat and wide Brian's tongue was.
  • Characters from Star Wars will make an appearance.
  • A fall episode entitled "Prick Up Your Ears," revolves around a conservative Christian who comes to James Woods High. After all the condoms are taken out of the school, the kids go wild and start fornicating via the ear.
  • Peter finds out he's actually a Mexican immigrant: "It's just awful."
  • There will be new characters.
  • Finally, the 100th episode title: "Stewie Kills Lois." In the second half of the two-part 100th episode of Family Guy, "Stewie winds up at the CIA, and we run into some 'American Dad' people."

After the spoiler session, the floor was opened up to questions and comments from the audience, which began with an appreciative fan in the U.S. military: "What you do saved my life in Iraq. I know most people put their lives into what they make, so your lives must be horrible. It gave me something to fight for."

McFarlane has a live action show called 'The Winner' in the works which will star the Daily Show's Rob Cordry.

There are no plans for "Family Guy" to retaliate against the "South Park" episode that took shots at the series -- the "Family Guy" writing staff "loved" the episode.

An "American Dad" direct-to-DVD movie is planned.

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