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CCI, Day 2: CBR Photo Parade

by  in Comic News Comment
CCI, Day 2: CBR Photo Parade

CCI, Day 2: CBR Photo Parade
Another day at Comic-Con International, another photo parade. Trains, creators and unfortunate costumes are the highlights of the day. Oh, and just how crowded is it?

It’s only half over.

Man, it’s 1:00 in the morning and here I sit setting up today’s photo parade. What am I doing? I should be sleeping! But see, this is what I do – I slave and slave and slave for you, the viewing audience, who didn’t have the time or money or inclination or whatever to make it to Comic-Con International in sunny San Diego. This is what I do.

It was a crazy day for me, filled with film interviews (you’ll see those on the site in the coming week – too much to transcribe) and meetings and walking the con floor and trying not to get trampled by Storm Troopers. One of the regular discussions had at the convention is just how busy it is. On Thursday, everyone was saying it felt like a Saturday, traditionally the busiest day of the convention. On Friday, everyone was shocked at just how busy it was – noticeably more crowded than Thursday. So, everyone asks, “What the hell is Saturday going to be like?” See, Saturday isn’t just the day that people have off work and have time to go to the show. It’s also the day the looky-loos show up at the con, who are just here for the spectacle. For example, a good friend of mine, who has no interest in comics, is coming down to the show on Saturday. I’ve warned her that it’s going to be packed, possibly warm, and a lot overwhelming, so she’s prepared. I’m really curious to hear what her experience is like. And of course we’re all curious to see exactly how busy the show will be.

One thing I’ve noticed about this convention is how well covered – pretty much over covered – this convention is. Between the bloggers, fan press, comics press, local media and professional press, you almost don’t need to go to the show anymore! Now, I’m not suggesting you not come to the show, not at all, but I’m just trying to illustrate how well covered this show is at this point. Do a Google News search and you’ll see what I mean. Of course, there’s no way to really capture the convention experience without actually being here – it truly is a spectacle.

Before we get on to the photos, remember how yesterday I told you the freight trains that run along side the convention center can really screw things up for people? Well, today at 9:00 AM I snapped the following photos.

That’s the view from our 14th floor hotel room at the Omni. You can’t even see how long that train is. It took almost 10 minutes for it to go by. Cmon, City of San Diego, let’s get a skyway built and fast.

On to the photo parade. I tried an experiment today. I stood in the convention hall in one place for ten minutes and wanted to see how many costumed folk I could capture. In those ten minutes, without even moving from my spot, I average one photo every 30 seconds – and I was being selective with my photo taking. I’d be curious to know what percentage of convention attendees are in costume. Augie De Blieck Jr. and I have been trying to figure it out. We thought 5% initially, but when you consider that upwards of 100,000 people show up at the show, that would mean 5000 people in costume which seems a bit high. I think somewhere between 1% and 2% is possible, which means about 2000 people show up in costume to this show. That’s … well … wow.

That’s it. I gotta get to editing these photos. See you all tomorrow.

Please keep in mind it’s now 1:55 AM and the comedy isn’t exactly flowing. So, this guy. Uhmmm. Nothing. Got nothing. Darth Vader: “Luke, I am your father.” Boba Fett: “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.” Red Storm Trooper: “I’m short.”
Two of the worst silver screen characters ever. Gotta loves us some Monty Python.
Evil-Lyn from “He-Man.” Not sure. (For those of you about to write me, yes, I know it’s Cyclops. Wait …)
I think Kato’s trying for my junk. Bunny eared something.
“OK, look, you and I are meant to be together. So, let’s go back to my room and discuss our love over a glass of Tang. Would you like a sammich with that? I love you. Let’s practice making babies. A lot.” Right before I took this guys pic, he got serious blasted by security for pulling out one of his daggers for a photo.
Possible Daniel Jackson or just some team member from “Stargate SG-1.” Brian Bolland
Scott Williams Linda Medley
JG Jones Arthur Suydam
Jay Fotos and Nat Jones Gotta loves the Harry Potter.
I’ve seen better She-Ra’s, honestly. You look so enthused.
I know for a fact I’ve taken the guy with gray hair’s photo at the last four cons. “It’s only a flesh wound.”
Lucas creations. Scott Shaw
I don’t know, but I had to take their photo. Had to. These kids were so cute. I asked them to pose, which they happily did, and once I snapped the photo they got all superheroy on me by trying to fight me. Cracked me up.
I’m going to call it Pac Man, despite the fact I know it’s not Pac Man. Screw you, Pac Man! Hot snake-on-snake action could be found at Comic-Con.
He’s pleasant. Superman returns his purchases at the Hasbro booth.
Ghost Rider motorcyle. Gotta wonder, what kinda gas mileage does this hog get?
I likey the ladies in the costume. Frank Cho
“Phonogram’s” Kieron Gillen Ladies.
Those “Who Want To Be A Superhero” kids signing at the Dark Horse booth.
“Lost Girls” Melinda Gebbie OK, we know it’s definitely Elektra, but who’s the guy on the right? Nick Fury? John Constantine? John Fury? I’m tired and don’t want to type anymore?
Seen across the way from the convention center.

The following pictures were snapped by CBR’s George Tramountanas on Friday afternoon. Enjoy.

Look, George took the picture of the troopers, not me. This is kind of cool. A local news reporter was going undercover at the con …
… and filing a report of her experience. I know I had this lady yesterday, but it’s too cool a pic with the con center in the background.
Super Mario Bro. with the Princess. Jedi costumes should be banned. Hot blue skinned chicks with weird fat growths on their heads should be encourage.
Sergio Aragones Man, I am so tired right now. It’s 1:30 in the morning and all I can think of are inappropriate things I should nor print on this page.
Jim Lee A great group of costumed peoples.
Those “Salem” guys Chris Morgan and Kevin Walsh.

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