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CCI, Day 2 – CBR Photo Parade

by  in Comic News Comment
CCI, Day 2 – CBR Photo Parade

It’s day two of Comic-Con International in San Diego and already the fatigue has set in heavily. Not much sleep last night + lots of walkin’ = lack of proper brain function. With that said, no fluffy stories or nonsense, just photo after photo after photo after photo. Let’s go.

Outside the convention center, SBC had their crew dressed up as members from the Blue Man Group handing out blue tote bags. C’mon, can we at least wait until inside the con for costumed freaks? I’m barely inside the convention and I’m already greeted by Klingons. Apparently there was some “Klingon Lifestyles” panel at the show Friday. I probably should have gone to that for the photo potential alone.
CBR’s very own Scott Shaw! Mark Evanier
Caveman Robot. Or Robot Caveman. Or some guy wearing what is likely a very stinky costume on the inside. Josh Medors, Rowan Rozanski and Christopher E. Long
Ron Lim and John Rogers Chainmail was so, like, 800 years ago.
OK, seriously dudes, chainmail is so yesterday. Naughty and nice, all at the same time. Also a little blurry. Next year I’m getting an SLR digital camera, dammit.
Rob Liefeld I’m pretty sure I’ve taken these ladies pictures the last three years.
Nick Barucci & incoming CBR columnist Robert Kirkman I dunno. Purple Manga Girl? Someone help me out here.

Edit: Johanna Draper Carlson writes in to say this woman is cosplaying the character Chobits. Thanks, Johanna!

No idea, but pretty cool costumes. Edit: Ralf Haring writes to say these are two characters from the movie “Labyrinth,” originally played by David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. Thanks, Ralf! A look through some of the architectual stylings at the San Diego Convention Center.
You can poison my ivy anytime, baby. Look, it’s late, I’m tired, and puns just start coming out. The Ultimate Spider-Man video game side of the Activision/Marvel booth.
As I’m standing outside this Aeon Flux booth I heard a guy say, “You know, Charlize Theron’s like so hot, but she’s not totally hot.” I had no idea that there’s a difference between “so hot” and “totally hot.” Now I know. I should have smacked the guy. Now we give you the Fantastic Four video game side of the Activision/Marvel booth.
Some car that was featured on Monster Garage. I’ve definitely taken this guys picture at previous cons.
Dudes playing army. Dude playing “Star Wars.”
Dude (and dudette) playing Marios Bros. “Doom Patrol” and “Deadman” creator Arnold Drake.
I like that Joker. Nicely done. But what is the trooper dude looking at? I’m over here, dude! Half man + Half skeleton + Orange hair = I’ve got no freaking idea.
Gene Colan Jerry Robinson (sorry for the blurry)
Sailor Moon Adam Hughes hawks his book “How To Draw Boobs.” You know, that could prove useful for some adolescent comic fans.
Joe Jusko Black Cat. Most definitely my favorite costume of the day.
Paul Chadwick Sean Wang
Apparently this is the car from “Scarface.” Ale’ Garza
Apparently this is the car from “Scarface” with some important additions. If only we could remove the dudes from this picture. “The King” creator Rich Koslowski. It’s available at the con and I highly recommend it.
John Layman as a kid. Seriously. Randy Lander and author of the graphic novel “Drive” Nate Southard
Eric Nguyen, Paul Harmon and Rick Remender Jason Pearson
This woman seemed surprised I wanted to take her picture, but c’mon, you’re carrying around a freaking bow! Of course I’m going to want to take your picture. It’s what I do. Either some Harry Potter thing or a witch. It doesn’t really matter either way.
Ummm, why are you posing like that? “Dude, are you bored.” “Yeah. Are you bored?” “Yeah. Wait, are you bored?”
Jay Fotos, Nat Jones, Steve Niles and Josh Medors yuck it up at the Boom! Studios booth. Hrmmm, I got nothing.
Crime-fighting Middle Agers. Jhonen Vasquez, who once again had one of the longest signing lines at the convetion.
Part of the display at the DC Comics booth. Jeremy Love
OK, click on this one. Augie snapped this pic from far away. We’re not quite sure. A rather questionable Scarlet Witch on your right and, well, a chicken. I’m not entirely sure why.
Steve Lieber and Matthew Clark ponder something … the stench? Dudes battling it out in full medieval armor. In the San Diego sun. That sounds like a recipe for heat stroke to me.

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