CCI, Day 2: "Blade: Trinity" and The Lord of the Comic-Con

New Line Cinema/New Line Home Entertainment rocked Comic-Con International in San Diego this year managing to fill Hall H to capacity of no less than six thousand people. The atmosphere was charged with energy and excitement as only the promise of a "Blade: Trinity" trailer and an exclusive sneak peak at the "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" the extended version. CBR News braved the long lines to bring you all the information.

"Blade: Trinity," written and directed by comic scribe David Goyer ("JSA"), is the third installment of the "Blade" movie series based on the Marvel character of the same name. Set to be released on December 10th, "Trinity" introduces several new characters including Whistler's daughter (played by Jessica Beil), and Hannibal King (played by Ryan Reynolds). Both actors were in attendance and had plenty to say about the experience. A jovial Reynolds, in talking about Beil's vigorous training, quipped "...this one could compete in martial arts, swear to god."

Judging by both the trailer and a short clip of the movie, Reynolds might be right. He, too. admits that he was no slouch: "We [Jessica Beil and I] did as many [stunts] as we were legally allowed to do." In fact the only stunts they weren't allowed to do were ones involving broken glass. Apparently there were no serious injuries, something we're all thankful for. A young boy in the audience, after watching a clip in which Beil flexes her martial arts muscle, asked her how she disappeared behind a subway train. Her response: "I'm fast!"

David Goyer expressed his happiness with the way "Blade: Trinity" turned out, especially his appreciation for the performances by Beil and Reynolds. "I wanted someone who had comedic chops and the ability to improvise," explained Goyer on his choice to cast Ryan Reynolds. He also spoke very positively about his experiences with WWE wrestler Triple H who despite Goyer's skepticism turned out to be a rewarding addition to the cast: "Once we found out how funny he was, we actually wrote some more bits for him."

All-in-all, "Blade: Trinity" promises plenty of action and dark humor. Both members of the cast and Goyer himself expressed interest in a "Nightstalkers" spin-off film that could very well be a franchise branch from "Blade." This will of course depend on the response to "Blade: Trinity". Look for an upcoming New Line online chat session with some of the cast in the coming months.

Although the "Lord of the Rings" is not a comic book, CBR would be remiss to ignore the exciting revelations that came out of the panel about the extended cut of the "Return of the King." Set to be released in December, there will be a total of 50 minutes of reintegrated deleted scenes ranging from dramatic to comedic, and everything in between. Over 20 hours of new interviews, commentaries, and featurettes will be included in this DVD set. Take it from this reporter, the deleted scenes are nothing less than mind-blowing.

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