CCI, Day 1: DC Comics Adds To Legacy With USPS

width="230" height="172" alt="" align="right" border="0">With superheroes conquering other mediums, like television and movies, it's only natural that a company such as DC Comics would take superheroes to a new set of fans: stamp enthusiasts. Unveiled today at the Comic-Con Inernational in San Diego, DC Comics and the United States Postal Service are, as of today, selling commemorative stamps featuring DC Comics superheroes. On the stamps are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Supergirl, The Flash, Plastic Man, Green Arrow and Aquaman. Half the stamps will feature portraits of the characters, while the other half will feature classic covers of comics featuring the characters. In total there will be 20 stamps.

Attendees entering room 5AB were treated to a large stage with a towering blue USPS banner covering what fans only imagined was a huge DC image? What was behind it? Fans would soon learn the answer.

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The artists of the stamps were present at the panel, along with Paul Levitz, President of DC Comics. A representative from the USPS introduced the event and explained that San Diego is the only place these stamps can be purchased today. Jerry Sanders, the mayor of San Diego came to speak on behalf of the city and mentioned giving away many of his DC Comics to his nephews fairly recently, as well as the continued popularity of superheroes today.

"I couldn't think of a more fitting subject to be immortalized by the US Postal Service," said Sanders.

David Glanzer, representing Comic-Con, also spoke and welcomed fans to the event, noting the event's 37th anniversary. The Citizens Stamp Advisory committee, who helps the USPS decide on new stamps, was also honored by the USPS.

After some touching speeches, the blue banner was dropped, revealing a huge banner of all 20 stamps, causing a thunderous applause from fans. Levitz was then honored by the USPS, which resulted in even more cheers from the audience. "The first day of the Comic-Con is generally the best day of the year in the business," said Levitz. "And it is for me." He then proceeded to honor the artists in attendance whose art appears on the stamps, including Neal Adams, Jerry Robinson, Carmine Infantino, Elizabeth Kane (wife of Bob Kane), Lisa Kirby (on behalf of Jack Kirby), Adam Kubert (on behalf of Joe Kubert), Jim Lee, Edgar May (on behalf of the family of William Moultan Marston), Sheldom Moldoff, George Perez, Mike Royer, Scott Williams and more.

"It beats the hell out of real work," laughed Levitz, thanking fans for making it possible to work in this industry, telling stories and creating art as a means of making a living. He also joked with Jim Lee, asking "what else do you have left to do?" as the young artist has seemingly achieved every honor in the industry. Perez joked it was foruitous the USPS chose his one cover without a background, poking fun at his reputation, and added that if another of his covers would have been chosen, "it would have looked like a smudge."

Fans at Comic-Con can purchase stamps at the convention center in Lobby A, including the inaugural edition the 20 stamps (with a special postmark) and some nifty DC postcards. Levitz also suggested he'd like to do more work with the USPS, if possible.

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