CCI, Day 1: Comic-Con News Wrap for Thursday

by Jonah Weiland and Matt Brady

Bits and buzz from the convention floor:

ITEM: CBR News was offered another look at the upcoming video game "X-Men: Legends," coming from Activision later this year.

When last we looked at the game during the Los Angeles E3 trade show, we were shown only one level that took place on an aircraft carrier. For Comic-Con International, much more of the game was revealed to the public. First, we got to play as our favorite characters at a location in Alaska, with the requisite snow and ice making it a natural environment for Iceman. Also completed was the four-player mode, which allows players to jump in and out of the game as they wish. Nevin with Activision gave us a demonstration in this new terrain, which provided a number of different challenges than the aircraft carrier location.

Activision also told CBR News that the following X-Men will be featured in the video game, with more to be named in the coming months: Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Iceman, Psylocke, Gambit and Nightcrawler. They also noted that members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Toad, Blob, Magneto and Mystique will be seen with more to be announced at a later date.

As we spent our time playing the level with Nevin, a gentleman came up behind us and began asking some questions about the game. Looking over our shoulder we discovered it was "X-Men: Legends" co-author Joe Kelly taking an interest in the game. We quickly handed the controls over to Kelly, who truly enjoyed seeing the scenarios he helped create realized on the screen.

ITEM: Earlier this week CBR News told you about the return of Lady Death at Avatar in early 2005. Thursday on the convention floor we learned that there is a great deal of conversation going on with major publishers about Lady Death crossovers, with some very big names. No additional information was available at press time.

Meanwhile, Newsarama has learned that there's extreme interest in the former Chaos! Properties purchased by Tales of Wonder.com in regards to team-ups as well, bringing them in to other universes perhaps to return the characters to the consciousness of the market before a more unified shared world concept is created for them.

ITEM: Released just this week from Image Comics, Flight, the anthology CBR News and Newsarama told you about previously featuring artwork by a diverse cast of animators and comic artists, was a big hit in San Diego. Kazu Kibuishi told CBR News that the book arrived late to the convention, around 3:00 in the afternoon, but by 7:00 in the evening almost 200 copies of the $20 book sold. Kibuishi also revealed that he's hard at work assembling creators for a second volume of "Flight" to be published by Image. The early list of creators includes Michele Gagne, Doug TenNapel, Becky Cloonan and Azad.

ITEM: Copies of The Complete Bone are moving at the Cartoon Books' booth at a rapid clip. Some estimates put the number of copies creator Jeff Smith brought with him to the show at 200,000, and betting pools are already starting on when CB will sell through all of the copies.

ITEM: Team Red Star has two monitors and consoles set up at their booth, each running a demo level of The Red Star videogame, coming this fall for both Xbox and PS2. The source material for the game very clearly evident, with the characters and settings looking as if they were pulled directly from the comic.

ITEM: At Randy Bowen's Bowen Designs booth, upcoming statues were on display, including: Qucksilver (in both blue and green costumes), sculpted by Jon Snyder; a classic-style Mircaleman, sculpted by Bowen (with metallic luster paint); Lockjaw, sculpted by Ruben Procopio; and a Logan Wolverine statue sculpted by Ray Villafane.

ITEM: Dreamwave will release a new Warlands series in January of 2005.

ITEM: Tired joke of the convention (already) – said to someone carrying a wrist-breaking copy of The Complete Bone - "Is that a big bone in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?" Corny. Old. Over.

So over.

ITEM: While CCI utilizes the entire San Diego convention center this year in terms of floor space, many have already noticed: it's not enough. Every possible location for a booth is taken up. What's a growing convention to do? Rumors already buzz that next year; CCI may look at adding satellite locations where certain displays will be located.

ITEM: To date, no one has tried to take the X-Wing for a ride.

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