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CCI, Day 1 – CBR Photo Parade

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CCI, Day 1 – CBR Photo Parade

Day one of the 2005 Comic-Con International in San Diego is now over. I got a bit of a late start today, but did get to spend four or five hours of quality time on the convention floor. Ran into a number of costumed folk and, of course, loads and loads of creators. I did have one interesting personal moment today.

Having been to many a Comic-Con International (I think this is my fourteenth), sometimes the specialness of it can wear off a bit. This is especially true when you’re working it, not just attending as a fan. Well, today I got to meet a comics creator I’ve never had the chance to meet before, J.M. DeMatteis. See, I got into comics right as “The Dark Knight Returns” came on the scene. Soon thereafter, the beloved Giffen/DeMatteis “Justice League” run began at DC Comics. This quickly became one of my favorite comics and to this day I still have fond memories of the book. I’ve met Keith a number of times, but never seemed to catch up with J.M. Today, I finally did. It’s nice when you get to meet one of your favorites and they live up to your expectations. Don’t worry, I didn’t go all fanboy on him, nor did I weep and cry in joyful glee, but it was just nice putting a face to all those stories I’ve read over the years. That’s about when I realized how special and fun a comics convention can be.

OK, enough with the much weepy/sappiness; let’s get back to reality. I ran into Comic-Con Director of Marketing David Glanzer on the convention floor and remarked that the older section of the convention center — halls A, B and C — didn’t feel as warm as it had been last year. Those who went to CCI 2004 know how hot it got during the convention. So much so that there were reports of a mist-like substance hovering over the DC Comics booth. This year, there’s been no killer fog and it’s felt pretty comfortable. David said that’s because the convention center installed an 1100 ton auxiliary air conditioning unit for that end of the hall. Ya know what? It appears to have done its job nicely.

As has become clear to many of our visitors to CBR, I like taking pictures of the costumed folk at CBR. I’ve done it for about five or six years now and the costumes keep getting better and better. Now, a lot is made about the number of Stormtroopers you see on the convention floor each year and I have to say, well, if you’re dressed in a Stormtrooper I’m starting to think you’re kind of cheating. How hard is it to just buy a Stormtrooper costume and wear it to a con? Not very. Although there is the matter of actually wearing that thing all day long while walking around a con. OK, they count due to the amount of pain they must endure.

In other news, CBR’s Dave Richards dropped by briefly to Eric Powell’s panel at Comic-Con International today and Powell gave his fans something of a surprise. Here’s Dave.

When Eric Powell’s panel began attendees were given a huge unexpected announcement. Panel member Brian Finney of Sony Pictures stated that Sony was going to make a feature film version of Powell’s “The Goon.” Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant, of Comedy Central’s “Reno 911,” who were also in attendance, were announced as the films writers and Vin Diesel and Rob Schneider were supposedly set to play The Goon and his sidekick Frankie. Lennon and Garant, who addressed Powell as Rick, went on to list a huge number of minor changes they were making to the film like removing the goon’s scars and changing the film’s title to “Tommy Goon.” Powell appeared disgusted and picked up a chair to bash Lennon and Garant. The chair was a theatrical style breakaway chair. After Powell pretended to run Lennon, Garant and Finney out of the room, the joke ended and the real panel began.

Many a fan in attendance at the panel got to take home a piece of that break away chair.

There’s much more news and information to come this weekend both here and with our over friends at Newsarama. Friday and Saturday are generally the busiest days for news, so check back often. Now, onto the Day 1 CBR Photo Parade.

“We replaced your normally ‘not so much’ outside-the-con vendor with new superhero friendly vendor cutie and recorded the event to see if anyne noticed.” They did. Jack Jedi
A rather uncertain looking Jedi. Artist Andy Kuhn goes all rock on us!
Shi. “Hero Squared” artist Joe Abraham, Boom! Studios publisher Ross Richie and Oni’s Chip Mosher
Matt Haley smiles pretty for the camera. Very decent Ghost costume.
Writer Geoff Johns sketches for a fan. Wait a second… Princess Leia hangs around the DC booth. And so do about 100 guys taking pictures.
Wendy & Richard Pini Not quite sure. Some kind of rock-n-roll style transformers?
Giuseppe Camuncoli The IDW Publishing Booth
The real “Amazing Joy Buzzards” Dan Hipp and Mark Smith OK, having this in your home will not make you any cooler with the ladies.
Beavis and Butthead mock comic fans. Comics fans hardly notice. Batman looks over the Upper Deck booth.
The SciFi booth always brings visual treats along to Comic-Con. We thank you. So this dude’s got this crazy ass costume and I ask him to take picture. Instead I get chased around CCI for about 5 minutes and he won’t relent until I let him hug me. Someone took a picture of me. I’m hoping that picture never surfaces.
“So, uhhh, you gonna hang out at the Hyatt bar later or something?” It’s some mad dash for cash. I don’t know why.
The Activision/Marvel booth. Marvel had a much bigger presence at the booth this year. Writer’s John Layman and Brian K. Vaughn
You know, sometimes the captions are just too obvious to type out. “You take my picture, I pull out my fake sword and kill you.”
There’s a new spinny thing this year! The Red Star guys have spinny action. The Red Star crew, with Christian Gossett front and center.
Random assemblage of storm troopers/Star Wars dudes. So I asked this girl if I could take her picture. She said only if I give her something– my soul. “Uhhhh, okay, whatever, can you just like pose already and stuff?”
Artist Nat Jones and friend The Alias Enterprises booth
Wow, so not the best costume of the convention thus far. Wow, so possibly the best costumes of the convention thus far.
The SLG Publishing Booth Bunch a folk playing some handheld thing-a-majig.
“Hero Squared” artist Joe Abraham gets a second viewing along side writer J.M. DeMatteis. Writer Chuck Saterlee
Finally, the first Klingons of the day. Apparently there’s some Klingon opera being performed Friday night. They invited me. I’m busy. Genres clash, fanboys go home happy.
Spidey says, “Gimme your money.” Well, no he doesn’t, but he could. What better way to spend an evening after a con than watch the San Diego Padres get freaking POUNCED by the Diamondbacks.
Another look at the pretty cool Petco Park, although it’s not nearly as cool as SBC Park in San Francisco. Grounds crews clean up the field. Half the stadium goes to the bathroom.
Walking back to the hotel after the game there be fireworks going off over the convention center. There’s not too many conventions that offer you that. More of the fireworks off the balcony at our Embassy Suites hotel room. They seem to be shot off over a retired aircraft carrier.
Bring on the grand finale.

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